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EUropaische Wirtschaft-

as published in
Nazi Germany in 1942 being the foundations of todays
EUropean Union.

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This site will bring you the other side of the story to the one that Governments are currently spending millions of pounds of your money promoting. Only when you have all the facts can you make an honest balanced judgement.

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      Steve Thoburn
 6 day trial report

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In the Name of fairness we
include this links page so
that you are able to find
the opposite view to ours.
Euro Links
It's your vote at the end of
the day so please make sure
you have the knowledge to
make it when/if the chance
Sceptic Links
The Runaway Train
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version of track from the 
new Music CD.

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New Section 

An ever expanding collection of documents
regarding the EU.

Eurassic Park
EUrassic Park
Political Dinosaurs
of the EUrassic age.

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Corpus Juris
The reason why the
 Man of Straw is changing  trial by 
jury laws. 

A big help in 
saving our bacon
Metric Martyrs
Donate prize money from their 'Campaigners of the Year Award' 
to cancer charity CancerBACUP's
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We believe in a Free Europe of Free trading nations respecting each others Democratically elected Governments. The way it should always be not the way it's becoming.
The Alternative Three Party Structure

Natural choice for New Labour and Tory dissenters
Socialist Labour Party  Natural choice for the Socialist voter
Liberal Party Natural choice for the libertarian voter

All three call for us to leave the EU
The complete opposite of the so called main three Parties.
 Useful Information 
Nissan UK  is owned by
the French motor company Renault which
is in tern owned by the French Government.
Nissan and the Euro

Toyota UK is owned by the German company V.A.G.

The Consolidated Treaty EstablishingThe European Community 263/64/65
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'On the Spot' BBC radio
debate full transcript.

EU Strategy
Vision for Europe

Better off Out 
 by Lord Pearson of Rannoch

EU Cannot be Serious

Understanding the EU.
Full text of Video. For personal information or the perfect structured text to enable you to
present and run your own meeting.
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*Stop Press*
Britain leaves the EU
5th September 2003
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Other Countries/islands Fighting for Freedom




Isle of Man
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