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             Foot and Mouth Disease
 Like lemmings our farmers are forced cut their own throats under the instruction of the MAFFia, Government Officials, Politicians Vets and the Media.

With promises of compensation Farmers may feel pacified but as anybody is aware trusting this incompetent bunch we have in power is a dangerous thing as you can almost guarantee payments will be delayed, fall short or be non existent.

Once a Farmers life's work has been destroyed there is no easy way back, if at all as the herd takes generations to build up. Farms that have been confirmed as having the disease must be left un-farmed for six months and all straw, hay, wood etc must also be destroyed.

It now seems that Foot and Mouth affects Politicians brains far more than it harms Animals.

There is only one way out of this mess and that is to vaccinate and treat the disease. Even allowing the meat to be used for Human consumption as it does no harm. Homeopathic Borax 30 heals the sores and the injections are around 10p a shot.

The only argument they use against following this policy is that we would lose our 'Disease free Export Status' but as a country with 60,000,000 people we would now find it impossible to produce enough food to feed ourselves. So you have to ask why do we need to Export! It is bad for he animals and pointless to re-import our exports.

With this farcical policy we are now open to terrorist attack from someone like Sadman Insane using an infected Beef sandwich.(Far cheaper than Skuds).

So it is time to dig out the facts, take a look at the articles below and make your own mind up. After all another wave of small Farmers out of the way would suit our so called leaders fine and they can continue their blind gallop towards GM crops and Genetic Engineered animals which can be farmed more intensively with less land usage.

Nick Brown can't make this policy change decision without permission from EU Commissioners in Brussels as this Country is now unable to make the decision to save itself.

You can only pray that we have some stock left for farmers to farm when we regain control of our Country.

A Country that now convicts people for selling a pound of bananas and has an Army Shooting, burning and Burying our food truly needs saving.


New 30/10/01 click on image/or title to download
Private Eye F+M Report - Booker and North

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Letter on the left is to the Prime Minister and calls  for a thorough/open inquiry. Click on word file to read.
To add your name visit http://www.efrc.com/fmd/signaletter.htm
Figures they want you to see
Confirmed cases
Figures as of 19:00 Sunday 6 May
1560 confirmed cases in GB - 
4 new cases ( MAFF web site)

Figures they would rather 
you didn't notice below

Daily average 81
See this web site for latest true Average/Graph

Catch up with the news see
          '40 Killer Facts'
        Agra-Terrorism new
Flyers to print out and Distribute
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Take your pick!
News is spreading faster than the Virus
Diagnostic Tests and Vaccines:
United Biomedical Inc. Synthetic Peptide-based
Diagnostic Tests and Vaccines for Foot-and-Mouth Disease

UBI - Who are they ?

UBI Vaccine FAQ

UBI Vaccine Data
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From Bad to Worse
Stitched up by the EU Again
Standing Veterinary Committee Report
EU vaccination decision - death knell for British farming

The Quickest Way to 
Restore Export Status

Speech By Jonathan Miller
 Foot and Mouth
Foot and Mouth
 Legality Suggestions
Flyer - Print out and Distribute 
IO Killer Facts
Flyer - Print out and Distribute
V is for Vaccination
Reducing the spread
of Foot and Mouth Disease
A letter to Blair
A Quaker Viewpoint

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