We need your Support

With lot's of good things planned we are in need of financial support so that we can move our way forward. So if after paying your 1,800,000 an hour to the EU you can spare a few Quid it would be much appreciated. 

Ways you can help 
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    Purchase site on CD  no longer available
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    Distribute Stickers
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    Four Track Music CD New
    Show Plates
(translation Car Number Plates)
Purchase site on CD
no longer available

Get the latest version of the complete site, plus additional sections and much more than is available online at this web site www.SilentMajority.co.UK.

CD's (PC Only)are constantly updating and each month they will have a new version  number plus production date so that you can spot the latest edition, making it possible for you to update your copy and sell on or give away your old copy.

They are sold in pairs for 20 enabling you to give one away as a gift (value 10) or sell on to friends and colleagues.

Having the site on CD should prove a useful asset as the size of the site is now so large that trying to browse site online could prove expensive and daunting as to where you have been and what you have seen. So now you will be able to view site at your leisure on your own machine. (PC Only)

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Get the latest version
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Additional Sections
Data Base
Contains 1000's of pages of factual documentation inc the Magna Carta,
EU Treaties, and personal theory/writings.
The Full text of published books.
included so far
The Castle of Lies
Our Currency Our Country
The Death of Europe
Trial by Conspiracy

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Full text of this
Sensational expose by 
Jonathan Boyd Hunt

Available to read
on CD only.
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Press Quotes

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Distribute Stickers

We produce a range of car stickers.  Full size images are available only on CD with ready to print pages set up, enabling you to print out copies to display or give away.
The stickers are glued on the back, in the Bright Blue and the Yellow colours used by the EU on its banner.

They are an essential tool in waking the British peoples and also have the
web site address for those who want more information.

Stickers available 
in 500s - 225
in 1000s - 300

no longer available

500 or 1,000 of each and we suggest that you sell them singly for 1.00 each.

Which will help to fund:
A -   those you give away
B -   your other activities in defence of Britain

Price         per 500            is 225.00
                (PROFIT for YOUR organisation is 275.00)

Price         per 1,000         is 300.00
                (PROFIT for YOUR organisation is 700.00)

Price         per 1,000 of each of 8 designs is 2,100
                (PROFIT for YOUR organisation is 5,900)

The more you order the more PROFIT YOU can make for YOUR organisation.

no longer available

The more people are made aware of the EU and all the Evil it stands for the sooner Britain will be free as an independent sovereign Nation with your rights and democracy re-patriated.

  Type- Enjoy it 

Size 22cm x 5cm - 83/4'' x 2''
  Type- Old Britain

Size 22cm x 5cm - 83/4'' x 2''
  Type- Highway

Size 22cm x 5cm - 83/4'' x 2''
  Type- Farming
Diameter 11cm - 41/4''

Type- Manufacturing

Diameter 11cm - 41/4''
  Type- Mining

Diameter 11cm - 41/4''

Type- Ship

Diameter 11cm - 41/4''

Type- Fishing

Diameter 11cm - 41/4''


 Four Track Music CD

The Runaway Train

Click on image to download Real Audio
full track sample
New Four Track Music CD
Now available to order - Please contact Greg @
Greg@GlanceBack.demon.co.uk for price and delivery details.

Track 1 World of Lies
Track 2 Runaway Train (click to download Real Audio sample)
Track 3 Natural Rebel
Track 4 Eternal Survivor 


  Show Plates

Number Plates for cars

Stop Press - EU Crumbling
28 December 2001
Motorists have been given the go-ahead to display national flags and symbols on their vehicle number plates. Transport Minister John Spellar says the Union Flag, Cross of St George, Scottish Saltire or Welsh Dragon can appear on registration plates following a review by the DVLA.

Full Story:

Fully compliant with New EU Regulations

a set of 2 for 20.00


If you want Number Plates with the EU's barbed wire circle of yellow stars
replaced with a BRITISH Union Jack:

The company is supplying 'British Union Jack *Show Plates*' at the same
price, which they can supply perfectly legally!

Please send a cheque made payable to:
Motorists Discount Centre

99 Oxford Road

for 20.00 [includes delivery]

that you want 'British Union Jack *Show Plates*'

& YOUR correct Vehicle Registration Number.
don't forget to include your delivery address!!

PLEASE be advised that we are NOT encouraging you to break the law!!!! You
may legally put these number plates on your car when it is 'on show'.

However you are liable to fail an MOT test if you take your car for testing
in *show* condition, therefore we advise you to retain your old number
plates for your annual MOT.

It is entirely up to you whether you consider it advisable to leave your car
in *show* condition for an MOT and prosecute the garage if it fails your car
on the grounds that it is a 'malicious imposition' of a foreign and alien
law, not effecting the safety or roadworthiness of the vehicle.