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Laying of information 
Claims laid
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 - This is the complete document to be laid before magistrates.  Visitors to the web-site are welcome to download it, complete the blanks, and deliver to their nearest magistrates court.

Once you have laid the original document you will no doubt receive allsorts of excuses
as to why the case will not be considered. So be ready to submit this follow up document.
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In London, Norris McWhirter, chairman of the 
Freedom Association, and Torquil Dick-Erikson, who
 first drafted  the document, handed their copies in at Horseferry Road, the court nearest the House of Commons.

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This is the routine:

1.  Look up your nearest magistrates court in the phone book.
2.  Call them, and ask for the name of the chairman of the bench.
3.  Complete all the blanks on the document.
4.  Take it (or send it) to the court on Thursday 21 September, or as
soon after as possible.
 5.  If possible get a receipt for its delivery.

 You have no further legal obligations or duties.  You have no risks,
 financial or otherwise.  You may be interviewed for clarification of the
 contents, but you are not personally pursuing a private criminal
 prosecution.  You are simply doing your duty and laying information.

 Subsequent action is up to the magistrate.  According to Stones
 Justices Manual:  "When an information has been laid, a justice, or the
 justices clerk, must apply his mind to the information, and go through
 the judicial exercise of deciding whether or not a summons or a warrant
 ought to be issued by him."

 We hope to have at least 100 identical documents delivered all over the
 country on the same day - Thursday 21 September 2000 - just before the
 Labour Party Conference.  The media will be told at the same time.

 If you have time, and the resources, we invite you to make several
 copies of the document and ask your friends and other supporters to
 complete and deliver them as well.  The more the better.  Ideally, we
 would like to have 500, 1000, perhaps thousands more delivered.  But
 involving others is not essential. 

 Press Release follows:

 Press Release from SANITY (Subjects Against the NIce TreatY)
 Embargoed until 11.00am Thursday 21 September

 Tony Blair Accused of Planning Treason

 Several hundred notices of treason against Tony Blair and other
 ministers have been laid before magistrates across the UK's this morning
 (Thursday 21 September, 2000).

 A group calling itself SANITY (Subjects Against the Nice Treaty) handed
 in a notice at Horseferry Road Magistrates Court, London.  Throughout
 the day, scores of others were being handed in at magistrates courts
 elsewhere.   By the end of the week, at least 500 will have been

 Sanity believe there is now abundant evidence to show that Tony Blair is
 about to relinquish the UKs veto on Justice and Home Affairs (what the
 EU calls "freedom, security and justice").  This is demanded by a
 substantial majority of European Union member states for inclusion in
 the Treaty of Nice, due to be signed in December.

 Neither Tony Blair, nor any of his ministers, have ever denied such an
 intention.  The foreign secretary, Robin Cook told Parliament that HMG
 would insist on keeping the veto on "taxation, defence, and border
 control". But he did not mention Justice.  Yet a resolution of the
 European Parliament of 12 April 2000 demanded that the national veto on
 "freedom, security and justice" shall go.  Since then, the governments
 silence on this point has been deafening.

 If Justice and Home Affairs pass into EU control, the EUs "Corpus
 Juris" project will ultimately be adopted by majority voting.
 Representatives of the European Parliament told the House of Lords that
 it was their full intention to introduce "Corpus Juris" by majority

 This will abolish the British right to trial by jury, and will make all
 British subjects and others in the UK subject to arrest and
 incarceration by a Brussels-nominated European Public Prosecutor,
 rubber-stamped by a so-called "Judge of Freedoms", with no public
 hearing nor obligation on the prosecution to exhibit any evidence for so
 long as they choose.  Habeas Corpus, the long-standing British safeguard
 against the tyranny of the state, will have been destroyed.

 If our government or parliament object and say we do not want it, they
 will be over-ruled.  Corpus Juris will be forced upon us. This is what
 giving up the veto means.

 Moreover the EU will acquire the power to decide, even against the will
 of parliament, to expand the strength and the scope of Europol, equip
 and train it with paramilitary weaponry, and send detachments of it to
 Britain, to be stationed anywhere on our land.

 For the first time since 1066, armed men, completely out of the control
 of British authorities, will  be at large on our soil, with the connivance of
 this government.  All of us, even  our Queen, will be completely at the
 mercy of whatever the EU may  decide, and all its measures will become

 To allow this will be treason. 

 The purpose of laying information of treason against the Rt Hon Tony
 Blair is to force the government into the open. His defence against the
 charge of treason is simple. If he makes a solemn and public promise
 that he will retain our veto in matters of Justice and Home Affairs, the
 charge will fall.  He must say what he intends to do.

 Magistrates have the power to summon Mr Blair and ask his intentions.
 They also have the power to issue a warrant for his arrest.

The EUs original publication on Corpus Juris (1997) included the
 following proposals:
 Single legal area Article 18
 Indefinite detention           20, iii
 Indefinite detention on suspicion of a future crime 20, iii
 Police/prosecution one organisation 20/21/22
 Extradition 21, i, b
 Professional judges 26
 Double jeopardy (loss of presumption of innocence) 27, ii
 Accused told charges, but NOT evidence 29, iii
 Secret trials 34
 - except for judgment 34, iii

The present Labour government has already made three separate attempts
 to introduce elements of Corpus Juris.  Jack Straw has attempted to
 reduce the use of trial by jury (on the grounds of cost).  He has
 proposed legislation to stop football hooligans going abroad on the
 grounds that they might commit an offence when they get there.  He has
 also proposed to give the prosecution the power to appeal against a
 not-guilty verdict, which will abolish our freedom from double jeopardy.
 That same proposal will also have the effect of eroding the obligation
 on the prosecution to provide the burden of proof before the accused
 stands at risk, contrary to common law.