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Christopher Booker & Dr. Richard North
Published by:    Duckworth
ISBN No.:        0 - 7 156 2693 - 0
Price:                £8 - 95
Once one has read Franz Kafka's The Castle the inescapable connection
between the Kafkaesque EU and Booker & North's book lies in more areas than just the title, they witheringly highlight the lunacies of the EU only
exceeded by the lunacy of Britain's politicians in ever involving the nation
in such a construct. Would that Booker & North would now follow Kafka with the Trial to expose the dishonesties of Corpus Juris and EUropol with
similar finess!

2    The Principality & Power of EUrope
Adrian Hilton
Published by: Dorchester House
ISBN No:    2nd Edition www.Junepress.com
New Edition:    January 2001 Price & No. To Be Advised
Adrian Hilton examines in a well researched format both the political and
the spiritual powers at work in the EU and their effects on important issues
such as sovereignty, British Parliament, religion - exposing the involvement
of the Vatican and the EU propaganda machine. I could only draw the
inevitable conclusion that the entire construct was that the EU was founded
and functioned on evil.

3    The Tainted Source
John Laughland
Publisher:    Warner
ISBN No:    0 - 7515 - 2324 - 0
Price             £8 - 99
John Laughland has written a scholarly work on the history of the EUropean
Union both old and new, inescapably exposing it hypocrisies and faults  and
their grounding in a system profoundly and probably fataly flawed. That Sir
Edward Heath said of the book 'Preposterous...A hideous distortion of both
past and present' can give the book no greater praise, coming from a man who consistently lied about the EU to earn his reward!

4    Proportional Misrepresentation [The Case against PR in Britain]
Peter Hain
Publisher:    Wildwood House
ISBN No:    0 - 7045 - 0526 - 6
Currently Out of Print
Peter Hain argues that PR could actually be less democratic. He shows the
main PR systems involve monster constituencies which break the link between
MPs and their constituents and centralises power in party bureaucracies.

5    Straight Talking on EUROPE
Roger Helmer MEP
Publisher:    Private
Price:            £5 - 00
Roger Helmer has in this 90 some page booklet of speeches and articles,
letters and data issued a wake -up call to Britain of the dangers of deeper
involvement in the EU.

6    The Mad Officials
Christopher Booker & Dr. Richard North
Publisher:    Constable
ISBNno:        0 - 09 473200 - 0
Price:            Out of Print
Who better to illustrate so serious a book about how the mad bureaucrats of
the EU are strangling Britain than the inimitable and irreverant Willie
Rushton. The facts exposed in this book would make an excellent script for a
'Monty Python' if they were not so frightening. We must hope that Constable
will have the perspicacity and patriotism to reprint this book and soon!

7    The Rotten Heart of EUrope
Bernard Connelley
Publisher:    Faber
ISBN No:    0 - 571 - 17521 - X
Price:            £9.99
Having been a senior official within the EU who better to expose its rotten
heart better than Bernard Connelley who has written a detailed and well
referenced expose of the simple facts giving provenance of what an
increasing number of people realise is the truth the EU is a dishonest and
corrupt sham - He has had the courage at great personal risk to shout out
loud 'The Emperor has no clothes'.

8    Britain Held Hostage
Lindsay Jenkins
Publisher:    Orange State Press
ISBN No:    0 - 9657812 - 1 - 6
Price:            £11.99
Lindsay Jenkins carefully researches and progressively exposes the steps to
create a super state of EUrope from their emergence early in the 20th.
Century and the machinations to create a super state before the second world
war which defeated the concept. Yet she draws the inevitable conclusion
through documentary provenance that although Britain won the war we most
definitely lost the peace as inexorably we fall under the total control of a
German EUrope.

9    The Bastards
Teresa Gorman MP
Publisher:    Pan
ISBN No:    0 - 330 33511 - 1
Price:            £5.99
Teresa Gorman a dedicated EUroRealist was well placed within the Tory Party to expose how Machiavellian were the tricks used by the government to force the Maastricht Treaty through and some of the behaviour she exposes will disgust the British public who until recently had 'some' reverence for

10    Our Currency Our Country
John Redwood
Publisher:    Penguin
ISBN No:     0 - 14 - 026523 - 6
Price:            £7.99
John Redwood having viewed the facts from both the front benches of
government and the back benches of opposition reaches the conclusion, in
this book, having exposed the evidence that to retain our Country we must
retain our currency. Having researched the far reaching effects of monetary
union his conclusion is unarguable.

11    The Death of Britain
John Redwood
Publisher:    MacMillan
ISBN No:    0 - 333 - 74439 - X
Price:            £9.95
John Redwood brings to bear his acadamic, commercial and political expertise to analyse the position of the UK in the light of the EU, devolution, reform of the Lords and much more that is EU driven and reaches the inescapable conclusion that Britain is all but lost to the lack of democracy and the control of the EU but that it is not only still possible to save it but
worth saving.

12   Vigilance - A Defence of British Liberty
Author:    Ashley Mote

Ashley Mote is an award winning author who says of his new book:

"One day my book may be banned.  The British right to freedom of speech
will have been abolished."

"Many people think the United Kingdom has effectively been abolished
already.  It will certainly cease to exist as a free and sovereign
nation unless we reverse the erosion of our ancient rights, freedoms and
customs by endless interference in British affairs by the European

"In 1975, as new members of the EEC, we thought we were voting for a
free trade area.  What we have today is an undemocratic, unaccountable
police state which makes laws behind closed doors and seeks by stealth
to destroy the UK as an independent nation.  The European Union is being
increasingly rammed down British throats in pursuit of a dream we never
voted for.  That dream has become a living nightmare and silent
discontent is no longer an option."

"So if you are concerned about the activities of the EU and its impact
on the British way of life, then this book is for you."

"Vigilance is not a book about politics in the usual sense.  Nor is it
academic.  It is a simple, clear and horrifying account of what is being
done to our country by the EU, why it matters, why it must be stopped
and how the United Kingdom will benefit afterwards."

"The EU issue is of monumental proportions.  Ultimately, it is about
British liberty."

Vigilance chapter headings:

Clearing The Smokescreen
Its The Principle of the Thing
Don't Look Back
Political Muddy Waters
Economic Realities
The Business of Business is Business
We, The People
Back to the Future

Pre-release reviews:

"This is a tremendous book. I hope it will reach a wide audience - and
not just among the British!"

"A great book"

"What an indictment of the EU - a real horror story"

"An immensely readable book, had it been written prior to Britain's
membership of the EEC it would have been seen as a ridiculously implausible
fantasy, now we know it is true and a horror story! This is a MUST read for
patriots in all countries world wide who value liberty and freedom."

Vigilance will be published in paperback end February/early March 2001.

RRP in bookshops £12.95.