The Magna Carta Society has been disbanded.

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Greg Lance-Watkins

Ashley Mote

Closing down Statement below. You may view the Societies work using the links above.


Company close down 

Magna Carta Society Limited
   Dear Friend and Supporter,

The Magna Carta Society Limited was formed on February 14th 2000 to draw
attention to the conflict between the Magna Carta, the Declaration and
Bill of Rights and Common Law, and our supposed membership of the
European Union. Our case, set out in the pamphlet "Defence of the Realm"
(written and copyrighted by Ashley Mote) explains in detail the basis on
which EU involvement can and should be challenged in the courts, and how
our Constitutional safeguards have illegally been brushed aside for
thirty years.

Founder members decided that the Society should have a formal basis as a
Company Limited by Guarantee, and that full Membership of the Society
should be limited to the founders and any individuals invited to join at
a later stage. Others who have supported us, whether financially or
otherwise, have been enrolled as Friends and Supporters of the Society,
free of any responsibility for the conduct of the Society, and any
personal liability for its actions.

In a few short months we have achieved significant success by way of
parliamentary questions on the euro, the Nice Treaty, mutual recognition
of corpus juris, the use of the EU flag on public buildings, and we have
initiated action on the question of citizenship.  We have also had
numerous letters in the national and local press, articles in many
journals and there are some indications that the fundamental issue of
the illegality of the EU treaties has been gaining public support.

However, our work has been severely hampered almost from the beginning
by the activities of a small minority of dissident Members/Shareholders
of the Society.

We have tried our utmost to contain these problems, and indeed have been
assured at least five times over as many months that the problems would
end, so that we could concentrate our fire on the real enemy. However
every one of those assurances has been broken within days. We, the two
Officers of the Company, have finally and with great reluctance been
forced to conclude that there is no longer any prospect of the Society
being able to achieve its objectives and that it would therefore be
inappropriate to continue, and in particular to seek financial support
from others. Thus, in accordance with company law and legal advice, we
have taken steps to close down the Company with immediate effect. Those
who have, most generously, sent donations or subscriptions are receiving
pro-rata refunds and copies of the financial statements. Contributions
received or processed after August 18th will be returned in full.

Despite these problems, which we greatly regret and which we fought hard
to overcome, we firmly believe in our cause and will continue to argue
it at every opportunity, albeit as individuals. We will however play no
part in any new organisation which might emerge, and while we welcome
any and all competent and legitimate efforts to further the Society's
objectives, must point out that no individual or organisation may
represent itself as being a continuation of this Company in any way.

For the record, Ashley Mote hereby asserts and gives notice of his right
under section 77 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 to be
identified as the author of the pamphlet entitled "Defence of the
Realm", copies of which have been lodged with the relevant copyright

For and on behalf of the Magna Carta Society Limited.

Idris R. Francis  (Secretary)     Ashley Mote  (Director)