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The Hate Factory The more junk that groups like Runnymede
produce the more divided we become.
Which suits Governments well.
It's time to say goodbye to the race game and relocate the focus of your minds on to Politicians.

  The Hate Factory

And your living in it.

The Nazi's used a similar trick. They used a socialist party
to gain control of all the tentacles of the state and peoples lives.
For a start it looked good and the people believed that they
were there for their common good. Once they had control of
the education system, Media and other social departments they
could spread their propaganda at will and the people fell for it.
Unlike today they picked on a select few minorities to create the
hate and fuel the conflict.

Today you have a similar system in the channel of propaganda and
control. Now that people have been displaced from their native land
either by economic pressures, war or promises of western wealth the
Evil game can begin. Instead of attacking minorities they will over 
promote them. (exception of those that still have their roots in the 
country and can exist without the state.) The end result will be the
same when the backlash comes but your leaders blooded hands will look clean.

People form allsorts of bonds from race, religion, work, sport, interests,

These are personal things and the vast Majority of people
accept the differences living side by side doing their thing and mixing
by their own choice with who they like.

People should be treated equally under the law - apart from being human
that is where the equality ends.
An attack or persistent abuse can only be dealt with as that. As soon as you 
start to look for minority reasons the trouble starts.
There are bad people in every representative group

Fortunately the vast Majority are  good and the only things that should be
concentrated on are the things that  are important to them as people.

We are all individuals but the people of Great Britain generally agree on
the major issues affecting their lives.

Our laws are not prescriptive of those things deemed permissible, rather
they are proscriptive of the excesses of human wickedness and so society
allows for individualism and avoids the demeaning enforcement of
monocultural decrees found in soviet managed societies

Basically if a Black man attacks a Black man/a White man attacks a Black
man/a White man attacks a White man/a White man attacks Chinese man
and a Black man joins in THE RESULT SHOULD BE THE SAME
motivation will differ depending on individual circumstances but the law
must be administered impartially in order to achieve a fair judgement
in each case

In every day life racial attacks are rare, usually attacks are due to plain
thuggery, drink, drugs or personal dispute. A thug would attack you for
having  big ears but you would hardly set up EFBEP (EQUALITY FOR BIG EARED
PEOPLE) then start promoting them, making sure there was a balanced
representation of big eared people on TV, making sure they got more top
jobs,  financial support etc.

But that is the Race game
Now you have people promoted not because of how good they are for the job
but because of race.
People can claim compensation and get away with it because to get embroiled in a racial case just is not worth it.
Police that won't get involved for fear of being accused
and so on
This is the true face of racism and is the catalyst for racial hatred.
It typifies modern liberal bigotry.

The community has been smashed into minority cells no longer looking at
their common interests. The Fear factor of saying anything is extreme and
all the people now vote out of fear instead of hope of anything better.

Divide and Rule
The puppet (governments) masters can't loose
Accept our One World government plan for "equality", for serfdom or we will
unleash you upon one another.

The displacement of people from their natural homelands has two effects.
It weakens the Country they leave and helps to break the bond of the Country
they go to. It also sadly hurts the genuine asylum seeker who SHOULD be
allowed to live in peace and safety.

The end result is that the full recourses of the Earth will be captured by
the Elitist Global mega corps and because all natural bonds will be broken
know and no one will be able to claim immutable rights as their own.

Third world countries will be kept poor, in debt and ever dependent never
realising their true worth and able to use their recourses to the benefit of
their own people.
Independent Sovereign nations put the blocks on this and form the checks and
balances needed to stop world tyranny and the protection of your Countries
resources in the interest of the people as a whole.

SOCIAL Integration through trade and travelling is natural, as countries
trade and people visit and make choices on where they settle but this is
way too slow for the Globalist's.

They found after the first World war that it was a great way to speed up the
mixing process and the second World war worked even better.

Modern wars are just a form of a Cull and help the mixing process, ordinary
people fall into it every time. The next effort of theirs looks likely to be
the creation of civil unrest and setting people against people. The battle
of Nation states is dead since the development of the Nuclear bomb as
conflict  on this scale will destroy the very thing they want. The Money men
will regain control later as they always do.

Our only chance of avoiding this is to stand together as PEOPLE
To refuse to be twisted by the lies and fear tactics of the Politician
and the ngo's they fund with our tax money to aggravate the problem.
The people on these panels genuinely may believe they are doing some
good but once you are removed from people and given an excellent wage
your self importance overtakes you and reality is blurred.

The hubris shown by the Runnymede Trust document beggars belief.

Focus your attention on your so called leaders and ask if what they are
doing is really in interest of the country as a whole or is it for some
un-known benefit. Also see if their promises have been shown to be false in
the past.

Above all you need to elect independent free thinking people un-shackled by
the party system and their to serve the PEOPLE instead of being dependant on
funding from multinational companies.
No Government should be allowed to attack or over promote any minority.
Unless what's being done is specifically against the law.

Good Luck
Looks like you will need it.