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Dare You?
Pick up the challenge and debate in public on
Television /Radio or open Meeting with Greg-Lance Watkins
and let us know 'One' single benefit to the people  of this
country or the other ordinary people's of Europe
that their 'European Project' will give.

Challenge is open to any 'Pro European Union' politician that is
brave enough and actually believes in what they say.

So the Gauntlet has been thrown down if you feel confident of
your position this week you can take up the challenge and contact
Greg at

e-mail Greg@GlanceBack.demon.co.uk or  Telephone 01291 626562
"I challenge: ANY highly paid Government Front Bench
professional, to debate with me on National TV for not less than half an hour, and I challenge them to give ONE good reason for Britain being a member of The EUropean Union; that I can not prove, as a political amateur, - in 90 seconds or less - to be either a lie, a misrepresentation, doubtful or more than out balanced by the downside risks, costs & disadvantages."

All challengers will be listed below
(not expecting many if any)
Name Date Venue