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The opinion was commissioned by Tony Bennett [solicitor]

Political Assistant to Jeffrey Titford MEP [UK Independence Party].

The opinion given is that of Michael Shrimpton Esq. Barrister, who can be contacted via his Chambers:

Michael Shrimpton, Esq.,
Tanfield Chambers,
Francis Taylor Building
London, EC4

Michael Shrimpton, Tony Bennett, Jeffrey Titford MEP and UKIP have agreed that this opinion can be used free of any charge in the defence of Britain against the imposition of Foreign laws alien to British Law, The British Constitution and British standards.

Should you wish to make a contribution for the use of this opinion or in support of this campaign it would be most welcome – Please make cheques payable to:

UKIP Metric Martyr Fund,
C/o Tony Bennett [solicitor],
Rooms 1 & 2, Rochester House,
145 New London Road,

Should you wish to join UKIP and support their efforts to defend Britain against foreign and alien rule, against the wishes of The British peoples and in contravention of The British Constitution, please address your enquiry via Tony Bennett - address as above.

All funds raised by ‘The UK Independence Campaign Metric Martyr Fund’ will be fully accounted and will be used to assist in the prosecution of the right of British citizens to deal in Imperial Measurements, as is their right under law, free of harassment as a result of illegal attempts to impose Foreign Laws alien to British Common Law. It seems likely that the first case to require assistance will be of a greengrocer in Sunderland who will be prosecuting Sunderland Council for the return of his scales removed illegally by a Sunderland Trading Standards apparatchick.

Your support would be most welcome.

The opinion is posted to
with the full authority of the solicitors aforementioned.

You may download this information and use it with no further permission required.

Should you have any further queries or require facts on any other aspect of the corrupt, undemocratic, over bureaucratised centralised European Dictatorship known as the EU and the awesome damage being to these United Kingdoms by the EU please do not hesitate to contact me:


Greg Lance - Watkins,
Cynulliad i Gymru
c/o Glance Back Books,
17 Upper Church Street,
NP16 5EX
Great Britain.

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The Opinion
List of Contents

Introduction Paragraph 1

The Internet 7

Trading Standard Review

Implied Repeal 10

Further Examples 18

s. 1(3) of the Weights and Measures Act 19

The Henry VIII Clauses 24


European Community and UK law 30

Non-Sovereign Status of the EC/EU 33

Primary versus Secondary Legislation 41

Threefold Consent 42

Ultra Vires regulations are void 47

Observations of the DTI 49

Venue and Jurisdiction 53

Judicial Review 57

The Price Marking Orders 62

The Weighing Equipment 
Regulations 1988 63

Imperial Testing 65

Compensation 66

The vires of the Directives 68


Sanctions Against the United Kingdom 72

Compliance of the Treaty of Rome with 76

Jus Cogens

Conclusion 81

Table of Cases (ii)

The Original first 
published Opinion

Further Note

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Free the Sunderland Scales