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 PRESS ANNOUNCEMENT      8 OCT 2000,11pm
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Result of Hearing 7th November 2000
whilst a group of petty shop lifters were dashing around on JCBs at the Dome under the watchful eye of heavily armed dustbin men a really important crime was under investigation

A master CRIMINAL was under the close scrutiny of the press and TV

The master criminal as far as Tiny Blur and the other traitors in Westminster was fighting for his life

Steve Thoburn was in Court under the eyes of the world for his heinous crime.

Steve's able Barrister before the Courts in Sunderland, Michael Shrimpton, was at the peak of his barristerial prowess as he fought to save his client.

The District Judge, with sighs of relief from Steve's family and friends, did NOT don his black cap, the death penalty being now no longer an option,

In strenorous tones, whilst endeavoring to suppress his mirth, the District Judge sentenced Steve Thorburn to appear before the Courts in January 2001, setting aside the 15th, 16th & 17th for the trial of Steven Thoburn for the heinous and hideous crime of SELLING 1lb. of bannana's for the sum of 25p.

This is a deciding and important trial for all the levity displayed.

The outcome of this trial will in fact establish whther Westminster has the right to make law or whether ALL laws from Westminster are superceded by EUropean Union diktat.

Should we be forced to take this case further - to the House of Lords - please be aware that the monkeys at Westminster will need to buy some 800,000 1lb. bunches of bananna's from Steve as the costs could run to 200,000.

PLEASE help to make sure that we have the resources to fight this case to a conclusive WIN - a win which is a decisive establishment of the right of
British people through the British Parliament at Westminster to make and enact laws for the benefit of the British peoples and our Nation.

PLEASE make any donation YOU can afford via Jeoffrey Titford MEP's Office making cheques, postal orders or direct debits payable to:
The Metric Martyrs Fund.

Jeffrey Titford, M.E.P.
Rooms 1 & 2, Rochester House, 
145 New London Road,
Essex,  CM2  0QT
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or 251651


Hearing at 2pm 7th November 2000
First Criminal Prosecution for Selling in Pounds and Ounces:  UKIP will back Sunderland Trader 'All the Way'

After over 9 months' stand-off between U.K. Trading Standards Officers and an estimated 40,000 small traders still selling loose goods in Pounds and
Ounces and against the wishes of the overwellming majority of the British Peoples, the first criminal summons was handed out to Sunderland greengrocer
Steve Thoburn on Friday (6 October) by Sunderland City Council's Solicitors.
The summons charges him with using 'unstamped scales'.  The only reason Trading Standards refused to stamp them was because they weighed in pounds
and ounces rather than kilograms. Steve Thoburn was in the news in July when two Trading Standards Officers accompanied by two Police Officers swooped on his market stall and removed three, allegedly illegal, Imperial scales.

The U.K. Independence Party has already paid over 1,000 of Steve Thoburn's legal expenses and has agreed to commit the Party's specially-established
'Metric Martyrs' Fund' to help meet the cost of the prosecution. 'The Sun' newspaper is believed to be offering some financial support as well.

Said Jeffrey Titford, Leader of the U.K. Independence Party and Eastern Region M.E.P. who launched UKIP's anti-metrication campaign last October:
"Over 90% of British people understand and prefer Pounds and Ounces. The nation cannot comprehend why our government has decided to make criminals
out of British shopkeepers selling to their customers in traditional British weights and measures. This was a free country - but with E.U. Directives like the 'compulsory kilograms' Directive, that is changing. We will support Steve Thoburn every step of the way.'

NOTE: UKIP obtained a legal Opinion from constitution and weights-and-measures expert Michael Shrimpton in December. He advised in
clear terms that it remained legal to sell in Pounds and Ounces under Section 1, Weights and Measures Act 1985. He said that this Act trumped the
subsequent 1994 Metrication Regulation (passed incidentally by Michael Heseltine).  UKIP has retained Michael Shrimpton to act for Steve Thoburn in
the proceedings.

UKIP's Factsheet "21 Vital Facts for Traders", explaining the legality of selling in Pounds and Ounces, has been sent to tens of thousands of traders
and is available from Jeffrey Titford's constituency office (see below).

FORTHCOMING EVENT:  A major anti-metric, pro-Steve Thoburn meeting will be held at the Barnes Hotel, Sunderland on Wednesday 17 October. Hundreds of Thoburn supporters are expected to attend. In an unusual move, a Daily Telegraph  editorial on 7 September gave details of this meeting, a contact telephone number, and urged its readers to attend.  Speakers at the meeting include:  
Nigel Farage M.E.P. (UKIP), Vivian Linacre (Director, British Weights and Measures Association) and alleged criminal Steve Thoburn.  Other speakers are planned


UKIP:  Jeffrey Titford M.E.P.   01255 676577
            Mobile 0836 223090

           Jeffrey Titford's Constituency Office (as above - please ask for Tony Bennett, Solicitor and Political Assistant)

                    Steve Thoburn, greengrocer  Day 0191 516 0199
               or Mobile 0402 509968 (Eve 0191 567 1869)

                    Neil Herron (fishmonger still selling in Pounds and
              Ounces, assisting Steve Thoburn with a local
                    campaign) Day 0191 510 8148
               Mobile 07776 202045 (Eve 0191 522 6308)

Michael Shrimpton, barrister    METRICATION a full legal 'Opinion'

                    U.K. Independence Party        Office of Jeffrey Titford, M.E.P.
                         MEMBER FOR EASTERN COUNTIES
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Many retailers like myself have NO objection to supplying customers in goods measured metrically, it is the compulsion and criminalisation of individuals
for supplying other than in metric measures which is aborrant. As a retailler my aim is to provide the service my customers want, my very existence is dependent on service to my clients. If my clients wish to purchase by the inch, the meter or by the dustbin lid full in a free country it must be considered a legal transaction as long as that transaction suits
the vendor and purchaser.

Further it should be remembered that the largest trading nation on the planet and Britain's largest trading partner the USA tried experimenting
with the introduction of metrication - the experiment was a failure as metric measurements are unsound for daily transactions being a contrived
measurement for scientific use. You will recall that NASA's  probe to Mars was lost at a cost of Billions of Dollars due to the use of metric measurements!



  Free the Sunderland scales and Tesco join the fight
Full text of letter sent yesterday (17 July) by Jeffrey Titford M.E.P.  and leader of UKIP to all Chief Trading Standards Officers in the United Kingdom:

17 July, 2000

Chief Executive/General Manager
(sent to the Chief Executives of all Trading Standards Authorities)

Dear Sir/Madam

RE: Shopkeepers, Market Traders and others selling loose goods in Pounds and
Ounces:  1.) Sunderland events  2.) Tescos

We write to you as a matter of urgency following the sensational events in Sunderland, where a British greengrocer calmly selling fruit to British customers in pounds and ounces was forced to yield up three Imperial scales to two Trading Standards Officers and two Police Officers who threatened him with arrest for causing a breach of the peace, if he did not bow to the
demands of Trading Standards Officers to give up his scales.  Today Tescos has announced that it will lead in pounds and ounces, not only in loose goods but also for many pre-packaged goods, thus thumbing its nose at an E.U. Directive ordering Britain to use pounds and ounces as a supplementary indicator only.

This unprecedented action in Sunderland has horrified a large section of the nation, caused many of the country's leading journalists to question what is
going on in our country, and has attracted international attention.

Sunderland City Council has been asked to return the scales to Mr Thoburn, refund him the 1,304 that he unnecessarily had to spend on three alternative dual use Imperial/metric scales, and compensate him for the unusual and humiliating circumstances under which his scales were seized.
Sunderland Council has now responded to our letters.  They claim their actions are justified under certain Weighing Equipment Regulations dated
1988, and Section 11 (2) of the Weights and Measures Act 1985.

Michael Shrimpton, the barrister who has been advising us to date in this matter, is absolutely certain that there is no legal authority whatsoever
under those - or any other - Regulations, for the seizure of those scales.
However, they have conceded that they have not thought their actions through, and are now asking for time in which to brief counsel, and obtain counsel's opinion on all the many issues involved in the case.  We are giving them an opportunity to obtain counsel's opinion, but I can tell you that if the scales are not returned, and Mr Thoburn does not obtain a refund
and compensation, legal action will be taken against Sunderland City Council.

Two legal options are currently under consideration, not necessarily mutually exclusive.

One would be an action for return of Mr Thoburn's goods under the common law principle of "trespass of goods".  Such an action would also include a claim
for "serious constitutional misconduct".  Exemplary damages would be claimed because of the apparent outrage to the constitution - four officers of the
local authority and the police acting beyond their powers, and in contradiction of Section 1 of the Weights and Measures Act 1985.

An alternative way of proceeding has been put to us by one of the six barristers who has been advising us throughout, Neil Addison.

Neil Addison is the author of two books:  "Harassment - Law and Practice", and "Guide to the Protection from Harassment Act".  He also has an internet site:  www.harassment-law.co.uk.

He advises us that Sunderland City Council, as a corporate body, its two Trading Standards Officers Mr Peter Fallon and Mr Richard Reading, and any
other senior Trading Standards Officer who approved the "swoop", may all be guilty of harassment either under Section 1 of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997, or under Section 241 (1) (c) of the Trade Union and Labour Relations Act 1992.  Again, since the "swoop" appears to be completely unauthorised under Section 1 of the Weights and Measures Act, the
advice we have received is that all the above could have committed criminal offences.

Back in December 1999, I used my European Parliamentary allowances to seek a legal Opinion on the legality of the 1994 Weights and Measures (Units of measurement) Regulations, and other Regulations, which the government, through the Department of Trade and Industry and Trading Standards Officers,
were claiming as authority for requiring small shopkeepers, traders and other retailers to sell loose goods only in the metric system.  Michael Shrimpton's clear legal Opinion is that Section 1 of the Weights and Measures Act entitles traders to sell in Imperial measures if they wish, and that no subsequent Regulations purporting to contradict that Section are valid.

Moreover, the Department of Trade and Industry, and many Senior Trading Standards Officers, have been challenged by us to explain in detail why they disagree with Michael Shrimpton's Opinion.  The Department of Industry's lawyers have been working on the problem for six months, and are reported as
"finalising" their response to Michael Shrimpton's Opinion.  It is apparent to us, to British Weights and Measures Association, and other observers, that the Department of Trade and Industry has no answer to Michael Shrimpton 's Opinion.

There is, I am sure you will agree, the most profound difficulty in this situation for all concerned, because of the huge uncertainty in the law.  My Party is about to use its funds, including the Metric Martyr's Fund, to sue Sunderland City Council and, if this proceeds, it will no doubt become a historic test case on the validity of Section 1 of the Weights and Measures
Act 1985.

Against that background, we invite you to consider suspending any further actions which attempt to persuade and coerce traders selling loose goods in
Imperial measures into changing to the metric system.  We believe the proper course to follow is to suspend that activity, pending the result of a test
case, or pending receipt of Sunderland City Council's legal Opinion.  It may well be that Sunderland City Council's legal Opinion advises that Michael
Shrimpton is right.  In that case, of course, Steven Thoburn's scales would have to be returned and he would have to be refunded his expenses and compensated.

The announcement today by Tescos fatally underines the authority for requiring traders to lead in kilograms.  Please let me know whether you will
now be withdrawing your advice to traders, so that they can now lead in pounds and ounces if they want to.

We and the British Weights and Measures Association have been appalled at some of the accounts of intimidation we have received from across the
country.  Some of you receiving this letter will have already received one or more letters from us about individual traders.  The conduct of some Trading Standards Officers has, quite frankly, been extremely oppressive.
We now have an enormous file of specific instances of intimidatory conduct by Trading Standards Officers all round the country.  Should the Sunderland
situation establish that there has been criminal conduct by Trading Standards Officers, or by Sunderland City Council, all our files will be
made available for use in possible prosecutions elsewhere.

Enforcement Concordat:  Trading Standards

In our correspondence with many authorities, Chief Trading Standards Officers have proudly referred us to their authority's adoption of the "Trading Standards Enforcement Concordat".

In your response to this letter, please advise me whether your authority has signed up to the Trading Standards Enforcement Concordat.  Please also
advise me on what date you did so.  If you have not yet done so, please could you tell me why you have not.

May I quote from the Standard "Enforcement Concordat":

"The Concordat is a code of practice promoted by the Better Regulation Unit of the Cabinet Office".

"We believe that the Concordat creates a better atmosphere for mutual understanding".

"We will endeavour to minimise the costs of compliance by ensuring that any action we require you to carry out is proportionate to the risks involved".

"Officers will ensure compliance to the law by advising those concerned of the requirements, in as clear and concise a manner as possible.  Such advice will be given in writing if requested, specifying the action to be carried out by the trader, the legislation requiring such compliance, and the time scale involved.  The advice will indicate whether it is a legal requirement,
or whether it is a matter of practice".

"We will invite discussion of the circumstances of a particular case before taking formal enforcement action."

"Where there are rights of appeal against formal action, advice on the appeal mechanism will be clearly set out in writing at the time the action
is taken."

We believe that many authorities have breached the Enforcement Concordat worded in those, or broadly similar, terms.  I should be grateful if you could please ensure that your Chief Trading Standards Officer is aware of the general principles of the Department of Trade and Industry's "Trading
Standards Enforcement Concordat", and that it is implemented in your authority.

In the case of some authorities, we have had good relations with Trading Standards staff.  Indeed, some Trading Standards Departments are taking no
action to enforce compulsory metrication, and others are taking their own legal Opinions.  There are many parts of the country where the majority of traders are still selling in pounds and ounces, and you will be aware of the U.K. Weighing Federations latest figures which show around 38,000 out of 98,000 independent retailers still selling in pounds and ounces.  Some Trading Standards Officers have conceded to us that they deeply resent the European Union and the government putting them in such a difficult situation.

You will also no doubt be aware of intense consumer support for those traders who have been intimidated and are being intimidated into converting into the metric system.  Two telephone polls have shown, respectively, 97% and 98% support for traders selling in pounds and ounces.  I can give you further details of those telephone polls if required.  Surveys conducted by British Weights and Measures Association and others show extremely strong
consumer preference for carrying on selling in pounds and ounces.

No Trading Standards Officer anywhere in the country has yet explained to me, my Party or my Constituency Office the justification for this
legislation.  It is deeply resented and opposed by the British people, and especially knowing that it is being done to comply with European Union Directives.  These Directives are not of course valid in so far as they conflict with Section 1 of the Weights and Measures Act, 1985.

I am sure that Trading Standards Officers besides those we have spoken to, deeply resent being caught in between British traders and the general public
who want to retain the freedom to carry on selling in pounds and ounces, and orders apparently coming from the Department of Trade and Industry to
accelerate the process of compulsory metrication.  I believe the correct and proper approach for you and your authority would be to stand back from any
measures designed to continue compulsory metrication until the legal issues have been clarified in a court case.

I would make a formal request to you that you place the entire issue of your authority's compulsory metrication programme before a special meeting of
your local authority.  I have made this request to many of you already, but have only heard of a handful of instances where the Members of the Authority have been consulted.  Since Trading Standards Officers have delegated authority from the Members, I believe that reports to the Members should be made as a matter of urgency.

When you reply, please let me know whether a recent report on this issue has been placed before Members; if so, please let me have a copy of that report and a note of any decision made.  If you have not already placed this controversial subject before Members, could you please let me know if you intend to do so.

This letter is being sent to all Trading Standards Officers in the United Kingdom.  I would appreciate your urgent response.

Yours sincerely

Jeffrey Titford M.E.P., Leader
UK Independence Party

U.K. Independence Party
             Office of Jeffrey Titford, M.E.P.
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