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INFORMATION has this day been laid by Colin G Langley, Director of
Administration and duly authorised Officer of the Council of the City of
Sunderland of Civic Centre, Sunderland, being the local weights and measures
authority for the said City THAT on the fourth day of July, 2000 at The
Market, Southwick, Sunderland in the County of Tyne and Wear, you did have
in  your possession for use for trade a non-automatic weighing machine,
namely a System 30 weighing machine, serial number 190073, which did not
bear a stamp indicating that it had been passed by an Inspector or approved
verifier as fit for such use, which was not defaced otherwise than by reason
of fair wear and tear.

CONTRARY to Section 11 (2) of the Weights and Measures Act, 1985.

YOU are hereby summoned to appear before the Magistrates' Court sitting at
Gillbridge Avenue, Sunderland on Tuesday the 7th day of November 2000 at the
hour of 2:00 p.m. to answer the said Information.

Clerk to the Justices for the Petty Sessional Division of Sunderland



  A public meeting in support of Steven Thoburn is to be held at the
Barnes Hotel, Sunderland (just off A1) on Tuesday, 17th October 2000 at 7:30
p.m.  Speakers include Nigel Farage, M.E.P., Vivian Linacre (Director of the
British Weights & Measures Association) and Steven Thorburn and/or Neil

Demand for places at the meeting is high, with block bookings being made by,
amongst other people, Conservative Councillors on Sunderland City Council.
Sky Television may be filming the entire event, and many other journalists
have booked placed, including Paul Stokes of the 'Daily Telegraph'.  Early
arrival is recommended.  Amongst other attractions it is hoped that Steven
Thorburn will be allowed by Trading Standards Officers to sell some of his
fruit at the meeting, and 'Metric Martyr' T-shirts will be on sale.  Neil
Herron, Sunderland fishmonger still selling in pounds and ounces, is in the
process of constructing a 'Metric Martyr' website.  The meeting is a UKIP

Anyone who can attend at the Magistrates' Court on 7 November 2000, 2:00
p.m., and give Steve Thoburn support, will be very welcome.  Please check
with this office nearer the time to confirm that the Court date and time is

We confirm that the UK Independence Party Metric Martyr's Fund has, to date,
paid 100% of Steven Thoburn's legal expenses and will continue to do so,
until it is exhausted.  Further contributions may be needed.

Tony Bennett MA
Political Assistant to Jeffrey Titford, M.E.P.
Jeffrey Titford is Leader of the U.K. INDEPENDENCE PARTY

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