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Eurorealism and the Importance of keeping
the pound Written by Greg Lance-Watkins

As we enter the last year of this Millennium there can be no better
time to reflect on what happened to place Britain where it is in history.
933 years ago a conqueror landed in Hastings and shortly thereafter
began to catalogue the wealth of Britain in The Doomesday Book.
That was the last time we were overrun and even to this day one can
recognise many of the features in The Doomsday Book. It was from
that date onwards that we started to build our laws as we know them

 We have never since been conquered and in 1297 King John's Great
Charter of 1215 was placed on the first or 'great' roll of English
statutes, almost 200 years before Columbus set foot in America.
Almost 500 years later in 1776 America declared independence and
based its Constitution on 'Magna Carta' and Britain's 'Bill of Rights'
of 1629 & 1689 described by William Pitt, 229 years ago in 1770 as
being the 'Bible of the English Constitution. These have defined the
rights and freedoms of the peoples of these United Kingdoms and
the Sovereignty of these isles. These are the principles that over
1 million people have given their lives to defend, this century
  It was not until the treason of Edward Heath, both on the floor of The
House of Commoners and in The White Paper, where he stated 'signing
The Treaty of Rome will lead to no essential loss of National
Sovereignty', that the British people were sold out to foreign rule. We
are now Governed by an un elected dictator committee - The European
Commissioners. Our parliament is now little more than a museum of
democracy, with 'rubber stamping rights' for The European Union, which
in 1994 arbitrarily replaced The European Economic Community or
Common Market which the electorate of Britain narrowly voted to join,
based on the lies of our politicians.
 How can it now be right for our elected representatives in their own
self interest, for it is provably contra to the interests of we the
electorate, to break up these United Kingdoms into 12 'mickey mouse'
apartheid homelands within a Super State of Europe. A homeland policy
in South Africa was vilifiedby the world, how can it be right for Britain.
Each of these homelands will have 2 representatives on Europe's
Council of The Regions, 24 representatives from Britain on a Council
with 222 members! Even our MEPs have no say in the well being of
Britain, as there are only 87 in a European Parliament with over 500
seats, which is growing. How could they have a say, when their
speeches are limited to three minutes and their oath of allegiance
before their maiden speech gives the undertaking 'to represent no
individual or National interests and to uphold the aims of The European
 Membership of this Illegal Union is costing British tax payers over 1
Million an hour, this is our Nations contribution towards 3 Billion of
fraud and over 7 Billion of administrative expenses in Europe each and
every year. There is to date no 'official' translation of The Amsterdam
amendment to The Maastricht Treaty, which amends The Treaty of Rome. A treaty which is  based on Reinhard Heydrich's 1942 Reichs Plan for the Domination of Europe; this may explain why our poor Chancellor Mr. Brown thinks he has a power of veto and why our increasingly isolated Mr. Blair thinks he can hold a pivotal roll in Europe.
 We have looked at our history, a history which has given us the fifth
strongest economy on the planet, a history that puts us in a position to
trade with every nation in the world, not just with European Union
members. EU trade accounts for less than 10 percent of Britain's
economic activity. Let us look at the present where 90 percent of opinion polls of the electorate and the overwhelming majority of British
businesses are opposed to the destruction of our globally respected
pound in favour of the huge gamble of Economic and Monetary Union.
A Union that can only work if our economy is governed by a secretive
central bank in Europe, answerable only to the financial needs of the
dictator committee and multi national corporations.
 Let us look at the present, where Britain has foolishly been duped into
surrendering our fisheries, handing over control of our agriculture and
now funds the Common Agricultural Policy [CAP], which works against the interests of Britain and our farmers. Let us look at the present where
membership of Europe has to date cost the tax payers of Britain around
1,800 Billion and we are shortly to hand over a huge trench of our gold
reserves and 400 Billion of oil & gas reserves.
 You may well say, 'look at the present where many projects in Britain
claim to be funded by The European Union and display that enslaving
circle of barbed wire yellow stars'. How wrong you would be, the EU has
no money, all those projects are funded by British taxpayers via Europe,
where a 42 percent levy is made to pay EU 'head office' expenses and a
percentage is deducted to fund EU fraud. Look again briefly at history:
You will recall the last time European Nations collaborated with a 'yellow
star policy'. France, under that great European Federalist Mitterand, as
Vichy France collaborated with Nazi Germany. They made Jews, the
disabled, homosexuals, gypsies and others wear yellow stars as slave
labour, before herding them into extermination pits and gas ovens - when
will we be expected to wear our yellow stars from the EU flag, no doubt
the dictator committee will tell us.
 Let us look to the future, mindful of history. Our history has given us
freedom of speech, the right of Habeas Corpus, the right of trial by a jury
of our peers and the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. Shortly we are to have European law imposed on us under 'Corpus Juris' where one can be arrested by Europol [a pan European Police force] in Britain, with no recourse to British police or our Home Office. A legal system where you can be held for up to 9 months and then, if charged, will be put on trial before the political courts in the Hague where you will be guilty unless you can prove you are innocent.
 Our History has granted us the right to have our own fisheries, our own
oil & gas industry, control over our own economy and interest rates, our
own defence policy and foreign trade agreements. Most of all we have had
the right to elect or un elect our own political representatives by
constituency, now we are subject to a dictator committee who are un
elected, with MEPs who foreswear their responsibility to represent us and other representatives forced on us from party lists.
 Shortly these United Kingdoms will be split into 12 Assembly Regions
each competing with the other in the Hydra of Europe. It has taken 1,000 years of careful melding to form our great country, a country with freedoms that are the envy of the world, a currency that is respected globally and a country of tremendous religious and racial tolerance.
We must be prepared to honour the sacrifices of those who died, were wounded, widowed or orphaned to protect our Sovereignty to date - the struggle to regain our freedoms, Sovereignty and independence will be just as hard to win as were the battles to establish and defend those rights. We must, by lobbying, petitioning, campaigning and working re-establish through the ballot box what has formerly been created and defended by the bullet.
  This is the last year of this millennium that we can work to re-establish
Britain in freedom and honour for the 3rd. Millennium, please help or it will be the lot of our children to resort to the bullet, the ballot box having
failed them.
  I do hope this helps to widen the debate and is of assistance to you.

The Consolidated Treaty Establishing
The European Community 263/64/65
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