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EUropaische Wiertschafts Gemeinschaft freely translates as:
'The EUropean Economic Community'
the blue print for the EEC

    Europaische WiertschaftsGemeinschaft
EUropaische WirtschaftGemeinschaft as published in Nazi Germany in 1942 being the foundations of todays EUropean Union.

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THE TRUTH WILL BE A HARD ACT TO FOLLOW for the Political scum and their apparatchiks in the EU who seek to continue to destroy Britain for their own gain in compliance with the 1942 German documents.

I would like to thank ALL those who have given such an immense amount of
help in the location, acquisition!!!, translation and now distribution of
this seminal document which undermines ALL of the LIES of ALL of the
politicians about the benign and beneficial aims of the EU - they are EVIL
and they are forming an Evil Union as part of the Evil concept of the New
World Order comprising the serfs and the self styled elite and their

I have refrained from thanking ANYONE by name as there are some in the chain of delivery who have gone to not inconsiderable risk to bring these truths to YOU. To name anyone would be to expose others!!

Just the same - thank you to the stalwart group of Patriots who have helped
me, both in a sense of Patriotism and in a belief that the truth should be

Anyone wishing to forward it to the media is encouraged so to do but PLEASE include both my 'e'mail and my phone number so that we can maximise on this weapon in the defence of our Nation against its enemies both within and foreign, political and economic.

I would suggest that should you wish to help you forward these pamphlets in there entirety as attachments where possible as widely as you know how .

The publication of these documents is in no way an attack on the German
people. Their politicians, as with our own and of the world continue to lie to
the people in order to fulfil their greed filled aims in controlling the world whilst by-passing the people of individual countries.


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