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Below you will find a list of simple things you and your awake friends in your area can do. Many are free and fun plus totally legal. We will add more to the list as resistance ideas grow and highlight the most successful. Be cautious of anybody new to your group trying to get you to do anything criminal, always analyze information and work alongside trusted and established friends.

As you know this is a complex battle and for those that have studied this for a while you can see the NWO is almost in a win win situation with a one world currency being pushed by both sides, calming Tesla rays instead of 5G and cashless payments etc etc etc


No Masked Shopping Trips.

It's a lonely experience shopping in the mega stores and others with no mask. So arrange a time for shopping trips with a group of friends or follow times below and make this a pleasurable experience again. If anyone says anything educate them. They will obviously be simpletons and unaware of the law. Keep your responses simple as it will be all they can deal with, maybe suggest they change the channel, throw the TV in the bin, you will get legionnaires wearing that etc etc etc.... Anyone wearing a mask ask them "Have they arrested Bill Gates Yet?"  if they answer let them know they can take that off when they do! Download 6 COVID FACTS pdf below and distribute.
Venue - Tesco (use same times other stores) Other Countries swap for Walmart etc
Location - National
Times - 8.30am - 12.30pm - 7.30pm (6 days a week / Sundays 12.30 pm only)
Independent business owners that are aware can attract more customers by placing a big bin outside their premises with signage on it for people to sling their stinking face nappies in. Keep Britain Tidy.. Keep Britain Free! Independent business owners not aware should watch this Video...

Call the Cops

The Police work for us! Black lives matter and the NWO want to get rid of the Police. Soon they will have no jobs or pensions. Phone the Police and report a Criminal
Bill Gates
George Soros
Tony Blair
Boris Johnson

etc etc etc.............
Even this guy could have rounded these up fasterVideo...

Once you have a crime number phone back and see how their investigation is going? ask if they need any help finding the Evidence!
Speak to your local Police when/if you see them in the street and report more REAL criminal activity.

Ring - Visit your Council - MP

These people? also work for us supposedly? Ring or visit to find out if the lower level staff are aware of UN Agenda 21/30 that they are implementing. If not demand to speak to someone higher up that does and ask them any questions you may have that you have found in the documents below that they are beginning to enforce with no consent of the people!

Download Documents Here
6 COVID FACTS Document (right click select save link as)
Download / Share Electronically or Print
Print and spread copies locally - get 2500 for around £80
Select Print Double Sided - Load up document - Proof check
Go to Printers Site
Distribute on Cars - To Businesses - Mask Wearers - Cops etc etc

Interesting!! More Gov Data
Analysis of data for statutory notifications of infectious diseases (NOIDS) Covid 19 weekly Infections, not cases, not deaths. 2020.
Only Starts from week 10 - Total Infections for England and Wales is only around 14,000 up to week 52 (43 weeks)
For such a deadly hyped up disease you have to scroll down to page 14 on each report to find data?? You would expect to be No1??
Take a look....

Face Mask Rules - Gov Info  Visit Site

- The Great Barrington Declaration

Magna Carta 2020 – Declaration of Rights

Their Agendas...

Agenda 21
Agenda 30
CoronaVirus Act 2020 (a must read!)
MindSpace (Destroying You, Your Governments and Institutions) World Population by Country 2025 (UK 14M -78%


Robert F Kennedy Speech Berlin 29/08/20   History of The NWO  The Magna Carta  Nuremberg Code  Corpus Juris

MP's Served Notice
Wodarg Yeadon EMA Petition Pfizer Trial 01DEC2020
Be Your own Leader!
Be a Warrior of Light! 11.11

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Find a Good Pub Bar (If any Still Left!)

Find a good Pub, Bar, Club or Restaurant that does not go along with the bullshit. Support them and meet awake friends here. Make them stronger and richer in order to fight any nonsense that will come their way from enforcers. Make the owners aware of the information you know so that they have more questions and proofs for the enforcers than they will be able to deal with. Offer your support if they run into trouble! Do not support corporations such as Spoons..

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Top EU Scientist Warns COVID-19 Vaccine Linked To Sterilization of Women Wodarg Yeadon EMA Petition Pfizer Trial FINAL 01DEC2020 - DOWNLOAD PDF


The Great Reset

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Foals - Neptune

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