Now you can, by simply displaying the Highway Robbery sticker on your vehicle. In this minimum effort campaign you can show your displeasure at the latest round of fuel and road tax increases and show that you are not prepared to take future tolling and parking charges on the chin.
By making a stand together we shall send a clear message and hopefully avoid time consuming and fuel wasting rallies in order to get our point across.
Purchase your sticker for 1 from a distributor. Anyone prepared to help out and be a distributor please see Do Your Bit section of the site. Those that do will benefit for their extra time and effort. Alternatively

The Department for Environment will be spending plenty of
your money on a campaign titled "are you doing your bit".
The campaign will feature celebrities Chris Evans, Zoe Ball,
Judith Charmers, Eddie Izzard and others.
They will be encouraging people to fight global warming,
conserve energy and change travelling habits.
It's a pity they don't set a good example. Not many people on
this planet have done as many air miles as Judith Charmers.
Chris Evans took weekend golfing trips to courses round the
world, owns a fleet of gas guzzling cars and had England
cricketer's smash mini TVs for six into the Thames for a laugh.
So if you can keep out of the way of their limo's and not
lower the tone of their jet setting lifestyles it would be most
John (two jags) Presscott often takes the helicopter or plane
rather than the train. Tony Blair insists that the swimming
pool at Chequers is always heated In case of his unexpected
More damage to the environment has been done in the first
few weeks of the Kosovan war than any of us 'Ordinary Folk'
collectively could have done. So we shall continue to be taxed
and preached to on the back of an environmental excuse
while the alternative fuels that could be used for the good of
us all will continue to be ignored.