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We now pay one of the highest levels of tax for the so called pleasure and freedom to be able to use our own transport. As 90% of all transport use is work related it's getting to the stage of asking why do we bother.

To be treated like a criminal for making an effort is a crime in itself. Hauliers now
face ruin as they become increasingly uncompetitive and small business is squeezed even further unable to justify passing on the cost.

The car is a useful tool it is as simple as that. The fuel may be wrong but there are plenty of
alternatives if they really wanted to find them.
Millions of people are employed in the manufacture and service related industries.   

Public transport could never move the amount of people to where they actually want to go like the car can.

It's been a nice little earner for too long on the back of an environmental excuse. So when we have shown them a better cleaner way and are able to make less journeys out of choice they will probably wish they had not backed us into this corner.

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Boycott the Pumps
The boycott the pumps campaign has now moved on and we fully support the boycott of BP stations. The original concept caused more inconvenience to the motorist with no effect on Gordon's budget. It is unfortunate for BP but we the motorist have been squeaking for years. Now BP will have to squeal for us all, loud and fast. 
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