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The latest white paper is set to give the power to local Councils
for additional tax raising. This will be in the form of increased
parking charges for business and the ability to charge people
entering the City electronically. New roads such as the BNRR
will face tolls on opening and who knows what plans are in store
for our existing motorway network.

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Environmental Taxes?

You might want to point out that this Government levies carbon taxes to the
tune of around 30,000,000,000 pa and have recently announced 100,000,000
for renewable energy power sources, around 0.1%, (that percentage is based
upon the assumption that no further investments will be announced until the
next election is pending).  Any justification for 400% tax on petrol falls
down on that statement.  In fact, carbon taxes imposed on electricity that
comes from renewable energy sources covers the announced investment.  Yes,
that statement was correct.  It is completely idiotic and nonsensical, it is
also Government policy.

Colin Robinson

Lets do something about it - Campaign Against Fuel Tax

May I firstly express my total support for your campaign in making a stand against the unacceptable fuel taxes being applied by this disillusioned and ill informed government.
I live in a rural area and depend totally on my car which is the only way of traveling to my place of work, carry out shopping and other necessary journeys. The local public transport is diabolical, a bus once a day to the local town some four miles away. Perhaps Mr. Prescott should take a couple of hours out of his ivory tower and sample what a confounded mess he has under his ministerial command (not that he would be interested, he's only interested in advancing his political career just like the rest of them, and well I have to say it, he's an arrogant, uneducated fat bloke with two jags which guzzle fuel - and he's trying to get us all to reduce the amount we use our own cars - so hypocritical it's untrue).
I run my own business which involves a lot of traveling in the rural locality, I am putting it mildly, very annoyed with the situation and it is going to get worse as we all know in the back of our minds.
It must be stopped, and I have decided to do something about it - my intention is to bring selected motorway networks to a halt for several hours as a form of protest, this is the only way the government will understand. I will require full press and television coverage and other like minded people to assist me in this action. So I appeal to any interested parties to get in touch by e mail and we can start planning the way forward. The population will be behind the action, they just need someone to start the ball rolling.
I have compiled a spread sheet showing fuel costs for unleaded and diesel throughout most European Nations - guess what? the UK is by far the dearest, anyone interested contact me and I'll send it to you by e mail. 
I look forward to receiving some of your readers replies. wigwam5@ic24.net
Thank you for taking your time in reading this article.
tim p wigwam5@ic24.net  (Campaign Against Fuel Tax)  21/6/2000

1,000 to 3,000 per year
The Government intends to steal the car parking places  I provide for my staff and charge
them anywhere between  1,000 to 3,000 per year.
This is yet another tax, we in business, have to collect for the Government.

I intend to install parking meters and engage the services of wheel clampers to ensure that the tax is collected. I cannot afford to pay in the region of 30,000 per year for this theft of my property and intend to make my staff fully aware of my plight so that they know who to blame when the next election comes around.

All businesses should inform their staff  NOW!  Then perhaps this craziness could be nipped in the bud and become yet another U turn.
G. Rodgers - A2Z - HULL  4/12/99

1 a day Fee.
Councilors in the West Midlands will decide by the end of July 99
whether to charge workers the  1 per day parking fee to use staff
car parks. This would raise an extra 11 million if applied to the
main urban centres and a massive 115 million if the suburbs are
included. If agreed this should start to take effect from the
summer of the year 2000.    19/5/99

Leicester and other cities have already piloted a scheme with the
view to charging drivers entering the city at a reported  6 daily
charge. That's 36 on a five day week.

Parking Charges
Daventry after forcing workers in the town to park well away from
the town and walk in have just come up with a super deal.
Basically business owners that want to secure their parking space
can now pay 200 to be able to park where they used to a couple of
weeks ago for free. 8/4/99

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