With the latest above inflation rises on Diesel and petrol no doubt
your wallet/purse is feeling the strain.

85% of the cost of fuel is tax. That's a staggering 85 pence in the pound.
You could get a gallon and a half of fuel for that in the USA.
On top of that the car driver faces an extra 5 a year on their Road
fund Tax from June 99 taking the cost to 155pa. If like many you can
only afford to tax your car every 6 months expect to pay around 90,
that works out to 180pa. The reduction for small cars will prove
worthless to the majority of drivers with even owners of  Minis missing
out on the 55 discount.
Hauliers that use the largest vehicles now face paying over 5000 per
year making them even less competitive in respect to their foreign
With the Carbon tax due to take effect from the year 2000 expect
to see your Vehicle Excise Duty  increase again as the level of
carbon and engine size will determine the extra you will pay.
We are now paying well in excess of 30 Billion pounds for the
pleasure and yet only around 6 Billion is ploughed back into the
roads. With one of the worst, heavily subsidised Public Transport
systems you have to ask where does the money go?
It's no wonder people now struggle to keep up with the cost of
making sure their vehicle is road worthy. Paying this level of
tax will be a danger to us all as people put off replacing the
essentials in order to fuel up.
Yet the situation is set to get worse, it is time for them to get
the message and stop. Act now before our Freedoms and Choices
completely evaporate along with our money.

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