There has to be a better way and there is. We have played their game
and paid for it on the back of an Environmental excuse. While we are
chastised for using our car the leading Labour MEP sees no wrong
in flying to and fro between Europe and the UK while her chauffeur
drives her limo through the tunnel in order to meet her at the Airport.

So what can be done?
The main issue is the fuel even though the damage it actually causes
is debatable.
It's a well known fact that vehicles can be developed to run on water
and manufacturers are working on this. Also Rape Seed Oil has been
used to power tractors, this could produce an excellent solution to two
problems and help solve the over production in farming.
There are many more fuel options and this is obviously the way forward.
The only way to introduce change would be through the sale of new
vehicles without penalising people still reliant on the old fuels and
ensure that the fazing out is natural.
This site can be used to campaign for change while at the same time
help protect us from unfair monetary pressure.

Traffic reduction is another worthy cause and this can be done as
a matter of choice. As we gather more support those people that want
to save money, wear on their vehicle and the every day hassle of
battling through traffic. By using this site they will be able to contact
like minded people that can and want car share. (More details on this soon)
We are also keen to promote Home working via computer and available
electronic technology. With both of these methods working traffic
reduction will be a natural process.

Lets get it together and create something better. Your ideas and input
are essential. Lets do what has never been done before, safeguard your
freedoms and improve our environment. When this nice little earner
is over the government will wish they had never pushed us this far.

Please send your ideas and thoughts to