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 If you are new to this site or the web in general First of all don't panic. 
There is a serious amount of information on this site and the worst that can happen is that you get lost. Look out for skeletons of previous visitors that unfortunately didn't make it in their attempt to read there way out.

Seriously the set up is fairly simple

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Index /Section Guide

Home Page/Main Page  (click to go to front page) 

This is the home page of the site all sections can be accessed by
using the section buttons and other links from this page.

EUrorealist  (click to go to section front page) 

The original section that deals with all matters relative to the EU.

Sub Sections
Our Monarch

HMQ Letter
Looking for Answers
Black Sash
Diary Updates
EUrassic Park
Politician Challenge
Weights and Measures
Imperial Register
Cullen Uncovered
Corpus Juris
History of the NWO
Treason Act
The Hate Factory
Election 2001

Other Countries/Islands fighting for Freedom 
Isle of Man

Check EUrorealist front page for other articles not listed above


Highway Robbery  (click to go to section front page) 

If you are a motorist there is a good chance that you are feeling
like you have been fleeced. And amazingly after three years of
this section being active things have actually got worse with the whole
of our transport system now in virtual collapse.

Foot in Mouth  (click to go to section front page)
Collection of data and links regarding the Foot and Mouth
crisis. The truth about the disease and the only option of
getting out of this mess. 

(click to go to section front page)

Reduced version of an ever growing collection of Quotes from the last 
2,000 + years. For full Quotes section purchase the CD.

Your Letters
  (click to go to section front page) 

Your letters on various subjects sent to
If you have anything you would like included on web site and CD
please send them to our e-mail address above. 


Bright Ideas  (click to go to section front page) 

This section shall be dedicated to your ideas on improving the way our money should be spent or other ideas on improving our lives.
The ideas will be there  for our leaders to pick up on, and who knows even if only parts of your ideas are used it may start to make a  difference.
Sent your ideas to


Mad Facts  (click to go to section front page) 

A selection of crazy reports of things that actually happened.
You will either laugh or cry. Things can only get better !!


MP Answers  (click to go to section front page) 

This section is under construction, ready for when you start asking
your MP's for some truthful answers. You will be able to publish
your Question and Answers here, then maybe we will be able to spot
the good ones. 


E-Mail Lists  (click to go to section front page) 

Keep up to date with events, join an email discussion list.
EUrorealist is the most active. Follow instructions on page to join.


New Political System  (click to go to section front page) 

This section is run and edited by Bernard Clayson. Join the debate
as every day it becomes more obvious that we need a
New Political System. E-mail bernard direct with your thoughts
and ideas


Taxation  (click to go to section front page) 

The tax man is helping himself to half your income. Andrea Wood explains.Contact this sections editor with your ideas and comments. 


Links  (click to go to section front page) 

Links to other sites on the web on the following subject headings.

Government/Political Parties        UK News  

International News                Eurosceptic    

Political Debate/Democracy    Sport       Music

     Euro/UK Councils     Journalism/Photography
 Search Engines/Directories     Web Resources 

This links page will list sites that maybe of interest.
We do not endorse any of the sites but they may contain useful information we will leave it up to you to be the judge. Any sites you would like to be included let us know at . No Racist, Porn or extremist sites please. As links/sites are easily changed, there is the possibility that they could have changed since being included in this list. If you find something offensive from a link on this page let us know and it may be removed. 


Forward  (click to go to section front page) 

A brief forward on the aims and reason for the Silent Majority Web Site. Includes the AGREEMENT OF THE Free People of England
made by the Levellers 1649.


Do Your Bit  (click to go to section front page) 

In order for us to move forward we need to generate funds. You will find merchandise here that can be used to generate funds for your local projects/interests whilst helping us at the same time. You may also choose to help us by making a donation, advertising on the web site or by purchasing the latest copies of the CD.


Legal Disclaimer

The Silent Majority wish to state clearly that we are acting as a public forum.
We do not endorse all of contributor/s views or theories, they are those of the individual writer.
We reserve the right to bar extremist views of all persuasions, as we see no colour, race, religion believing in your right to be free to be and do whatever you want so long as it does not harm others.
If you have a POSITIVE contribution to make PLEASE join the discussion & make your suggestions known. We will endeavor to deal in Facts and Truth but leave you free to make your own judgement.