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Mad Facts


Keep On Running 

Going Private

Just Another 1.73  

The 1000 Rule 

Bags of Money

You Will Say Yes

More For Less

Who Cares

Their Loss is Ours

Tolled into the Stonage

A Flash Bash

Life's a Gas

Not Enough

Ordinary Folk 

No Choice

Trigger Happy  

Royal Blair  Force

Trucked Off

Sticking the Boot in

Squeezed Out

Lump Sum

500,000 Prick

Vat's Good

A Cunningman

Piggin Potty

It's a Dogs Life

Dog Woof Tax 

Taking the Rise

Good For You  

Give it Up 

On Guard 

Give Us A Break

Gold Rush


Tough Choices

On the Gravey Train

Cash Back

Benefit Sale

Turn a Blind Eye