A collection of Quotes from the last 2,000 + years

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IThe Word file available from this web site is by far a reduced version
of that on the latest Silent Majority CD's. To get the latest complete
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 We hope find the file of quotations of use to you. They
are primarily quotations relevant to politics and many of them are VERY
apposite to the struggle the peoples of Britain are having to liberate
themselves from the yolk of the Evil Union the EU to regain their freedoms
and rights and repatriate their democracy and independent national

They are also of great value to other freedom loving peoples around the
world not only within the EU. Particular use can be made of them in the
struggle for Liberty in America and against the corrupt clutches of NAFTA
which is nothing more than the same as the EU in its early stages - a North
American Free Trade Association 'salami slicing' into the independent
national sovereignty of America & Canada [Mexico currently has all to gain].

Once NAFTA feels that it has sabotaged its members adequately and subsumed
enough of their rights it will, like the EEC, change and become a Political
entity as did the EEC when it undemocratically changed its stance and became
the EU. The noose must tighten a great deal in NAFTA members until it has
the same choking hold as the EEC had when it changed to being the EU.

NAFTA has the benefit of learning from the EEC to EU transition's mistakes
and it will use greater stealth, guile and deception but the path it treads
is *identical*.

A visit to:
will clarify the struggles in America as they endeavor to reassert their
Constitution versus the NWO and NAFTA.

I hope you find the gleanings of the last 2,000+ years of apposite political
quotes of use to you.


Greg Lance-Watkins
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