This site has been created  for the good of all sorts of
people. A place where people with varied interests can
come together and begin to realise that they are not so
different after all.

We can share common ground with interest in our
Health service, Education, Public spending National and
Local, Law and Order, provision for the less well off and
job and wealth creation. With our Political leaders
continually showing disregard toward the needs of
ordinary people this site proposes to give you a chance
to regain some balance and share your thoughts and
ideas towards a better future.

  If you can respect the freedom and choice of others
to be able to take part in their interests, hobbies, sports
then you are welcome here. For too long groups have
been set against one another. A classic case of divide
and rule. As long as you cause no harm to other people
then it should be of no concern.

We have no agenda other than the quest for true
democracy. Where politicians state their beliefs
and stick by them. Only then will people be able
to vote for somebody and be truly represented
You will not be compromised by supporting the
Silent Majority, you do not have to give any  sort of
allegiance always remaining  FREE to express your
views and FREE to vote for whoever you can trust.

So if you share that dream and want to do some
good get involved. If you have a talent, skill or
innovative ideas then let this site be the bypass and
your route to being found. Help to promote this site
along with your own interests.
Peace and prosperity to all. Only when true democracy
returns will we be truly free.


Below is the agreement of the people. Written in
1649 and still so relevant to today. Although it was
originally directed to the people of England if written
today it would surely cover the whole of Britain maybe
the Free People of the World.


    Free People of England
   A Preparative to all sorts of of people.

  IF afflictions make men wise, and wisdom direct to happinesse
then certainly this Nation is not far from such a degree therof, as
may compare if not far exceed, any part of the world: having for
some yeares by-past, drunk deep of the cup of misery and sorrow.
We blesse God our consciences are cleer from adding affliction
to affliction, having ever laboured from the beginning, of our
publick distractions, to compose and reconcile them: & should
esteem it the Crown of all our temporal felicity that yet we might
be instrumentall in procuring the peace and prosperity of this
Common-wealth the land of our Nativity.
    And therefore according to our promise in our late Manifes-
tation of the 14 of April 1649. (being perswaded of the necessitie
and justnesse thereof) as a Peace-Offering to the Free people of
this Nation, we tender this ensuing Agreement, not knowing any
more effectuall means to put a final period to all our feares and
troubles. It is a way of settlement, though at first much starled at
by some in high authority; yet according to the nature of truth,
it hath made its own way into understanding, and taken root in
most mens hearts and affections, so that we have reall ground to
hope (what ever shall become of us) that our earnest desires and
indeavours for good to the people will not altogether be null and
    The life of all things is in the right use and application, which
is not our worke only, but every mans conscience must look to
it selfe, and not dreame out more seasons and oppertunities.
And this we trust will satisfie all ingenuous people that we are
not such wilde, irrationall, dangerous Creatures as we have been
aspersed to be; nor did we ever give just cause for any to belieeve
worse of us by any thing either said or done by us, and which
would not in the least be doubted, but that men consider not
the interest of those that have so unchristian-like made bold
with our good names; but we must bear with men of such
interests as are opposite to any part of this Agreement, when
neither our Saviour nor his Apostles innocency could stop such
mens mouthes whose interests their doctrines and practises did
extirpate: And therefore if friends at least would but consider
what interest men relate to, whilst they are telling or whispering
their aspersions against us, they would find the reason and save
us a great deale of labour in clearing our selves, it being a
remarkable signe of an ill cause when asperstions supply the
place of Arguments.
    We blesse God that he hath given us time and hearts to bring
it to this issue, what further he hath for us to do is yet only
Knowne to his wisedom, to whose will and pleasure we shall
willingly submit; we have if we look with the eyes of frailty,
enemies like the sons of Anak, but if with eyes of faith and
cofidence in a righteous God and a just cause, we see more with
us then against us.

From our causelesse captivity    John Lilburne. William Walwyn
in the Tower of London,       Thomas Prince. Richard Overton
May 1. 1649