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It's apparently costing us the taxpayer 70,000 per week to protect General Pinochet. And with his trial just about to start get ready to lose millions more. Is this what we pay our tax's for?

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Trucker's are right to be fuming that it costs them an average of 100 more to fill up with deisel compared to their European couterparts.
They are now going to stage a protest by parking their trucks outside MP's offices to get the message across.
Dan Hodges the RHA spokesman has said that their protest will remind MP's of the vital service his members provide. He should have a chat with his mother Glenda Jackson MP in the transport dept.

Fair play for British Truckers.

Bags of Money                   Top
A double disgrace. The goings on at Ashworth Hospital were bad enough but to have an enquiry costing 7million pounds and judges being paid 800 a day it just gets worse.

The prisoner that blew the whistle on
what was going on has been allowed out on shopping trips, has his own room and computer.
Sounds like nothing has changed.

No wonder the NHS is short of cash.