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26,604,000,000 is the amount of money that our country has lost due to EU membership between 1973 and 1995 .

And with the the threat of not receiving the 2Billion pound rebate for 98 the figure lost must be increasing rapidly.

Royal Blair Force           Top
There seems to be more government ministers in the air than RAF personnel at the moment. And the same people that try to persuade us to leave the car at home see nothing wrong with using the helicopter at our expense.
In ten years time when the airways are crowded, the smog hangs low and they are begging you to leave your aircraft in the hanger you will remember this good example they set.

If you really must, save our money try Easyjet.

The 1000 Rule              Top
Hundreds of Britain's largest fishing vessels will be struck off the shipping register by the end of 1998 unless the owners pay up to 1,000 a time to have them painstakingly re-measured to comply with EU regulations. More than 1,000 vessels will be affected. 
And currently the British government spends 50 million enforcing EU fishing laws which equates to 10% of the value of their entire catch.

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