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Remember the day's when the sales started in January, long gone we know. Not content with filling the 25th  with sale ads last year they actually started a few days before the event. Sainsbury's opened a couple of stores on Christmas Day to judge feasibility before widening their net. On TV no carol service was screened on the morning but plenty of the usual talent less smut kept us yawning.

Market forces will destroy the reason for our crazy spending and along with their loss will disappear the real meaning.

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Well done to Boots for supplying transport for their workers and helping relieve the congestion around Nottingham as they are one of the largest employers in that area.
But the tax office takes a different view and has charged them 500,000, saying this is a taxable perk.
The Government say that the 'environment' is a major concern.  A good excuse to keep our fuel tax's high more like  and when this source of revenue is taken away they will have to find the money in another way.

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25 million pounds is the amount of our money that will be needed to perswade us to say yes and join EMU.

There seems to be no end to the money that they are prepared to throw down this pit and are obviously worried that as things stand at the moment the answer may be No.