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With lamb and pig prices on the floor and producers hardly able to cover their costs the top four supermarkets continue to increase their share of the  profit.
(Annually over 2 billion pounds)   
And instead of helping, the government chooses to feed the armed forces on cheap imports.                                            
In the world of market forces no one cares. One day we will need our food producers, lets hope they are still there.

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Good old Ron Davis the man who can not even tell the truth when there is nothing else left for him to do will receive an 11,000 tax free pay-off.   This apparently is standard procedure for any MP resigning from a cabinet post.
This fact is almost certainly worse  than anything he got up to in the park.  

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I think we know. But whilst nurses pay is squeezed to keep in line with the rate of inflation(2.5%) the governments top civil servants have been granted  an average rise of 4.5% with some gaining  as much as 10%.

Another case of do as we say, not as  we do!!