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Gold Rush                      Top
The rush to the Euro play ground continues, and no surprise why. Average earnings of 48,000 + 100,000 a year for office expenses. Payment for their pension is taken from their expenses account and should be paid back(around 500 a month) but currently there is no way of checking if they actually do. They are also able to claim 150 a day for food and accommodation when on official business.    
The more you earn the less you pay for.

Squeezed Out
Pensioners as old as ninety four years old are being moved out of a privately run retirement home after the owner was granted permission by the council to house up to 20 asylum seekers.
It's apparently more profitable to house people who should not be here, rather than people  who have made a contribution to this country all their lives.                   

Sad fact.

More For Less                          Top
In the new year you will pay up to 14% more for the pleasure of travelling by rail, even though the service that you receive is still a joke.  
And the man appointed to sort out this mess will be paid 120,000 a year for a two day week.                                           
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