Tough Choices          500,000 Prick     Their Loss is Ours




Tough Choices               Top
Tough times indeed, as we sweat it out MP's prepare to spend 240 million pounds on their new offices.          
This will include 30 million alone on bronze  facades.                               
No expense spared when spending our money.It's a good job every thing else is running so smoothly!!

500,000 Prick              Top
An ex NHS worker has successfully claimed 1/2 a million pounds after pricking herself with a hypodermic needle that was left on a trolley. And of course suffers from chronic needle phobia.
Maybe she joined the wrong profession but there again at least she now no longer needs to do the lottery.

Their Loss is Ours        Top
After a failed escape, convicted terrorists claimed compensation for damage to their belongings.(20,000)This they say happened  after prison officers searched their cells for weapons and escape materials.
You can only hope that their victims, and victims families were treated this fairly.