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Cash Back                                      Top
A persistant offender who was
bitten by a police dog whilst violently
trying to resist arrest was awarded
900 compensation.
So crime now pays even when you get caught.

A Cunningman                      Top
The ex minister for agriculture has said "There are to many farmers here and they should be helped to retire".
Which will fit in nicely with the rumoured EU agenda 2000 proposal of creating 600 plus acre farms. Numbering the days of the small producer.
And thats how you get promotion?
May the force elude you.

A Flash Bash                             Top
Your local hospital may be struggling to survive, whilst back in the world of the EU your money is no object.
The recent bash, a two day summit meeting in Cardiff cost at least 12million pounds. A table costing 50,000 was specially made to seat the 49 top politicians.
No doubt the table will be scrapped when the number of top nob's reach's 50.