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A 750 million pounds annual profit has been made by the privatised rail industry.
Even though the service has got worse and the fares have increased.
And now that it is in private hands you should be shocked to know that we still paid 1.8 billion in subsides over the last year. 1997/98

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EU comissioners who currently earn
140,000 per year plus perks shall not miss Duty free shopping when they axe it.
For they will be able to claim VAT and Duty relief as they are classed as diplomats.
And waiting until they travel won't be a problem as they have their own VIP shop at EU headquarters.
Do people who earn this much need extra help?

Tolled into the Stoneage  Top
With pilot testing taking place in Leicester, with a veiw to charging 6 a day for use of the roads and others planning a 10 charge per week to enter cities it's looking like its going to be a diet of just big sticks with no carrots.
As 90% of car use is work related you will be taxed even more getting there, taxed when you're there, taxed when you save it and taxed when you spend it.
Easy money!!!