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Benefit Sale                              Top
The Government body that oversees
medical testing for sickness and disability benefits was sold for 300 million pounds.
Who do you think will benefit from this?

Piggin Potty                Top
A lady from Leicester was reported by
certain Muslim residents for keeping
her pottery pigs in the window.
But the biggest joke was that the
police acted swiftly, took away the
pigs as evidence and then referred the
case to the C.P.S.

Life's a Gas                  Top
Pollution brokers are now gearing up
to buy and sell any spare.So that countries
like Russia who are below their level can sell it and companies in the west who can afford will be able to buy the right to pollute some more.
The problem will come when Russia starts to make things again and can't afford to buy the rights back.
How long will it be before they can charge for air?