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Genetically modified foods have been on our shelves for years and with labelling of the content remaining vague you may never know what you're eating.
The lords are making noises for us to accept these foods as safe. One thing is for certain and that's the increased profit that will be made from higher yields for less expense.
You should take your cue as to whether it is safe or not from the House of Commons canteen where genetically modified food remains off the menu.

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Law abiding sportsmen are certainly not. After losing their sport as a result of the actions of a mad man that had been ignored by the Police after fears were raised by people who knew him.
On the other hand banned guns still have their uses when it comes to protecting the Prime Ministers empty constituency house. An armed Police guard managed to let fire after being startled by some pigeons taking flight.
Nowadays the only people that have banned guns are law breakers and people protecting the rule makers.

Are we really any safer?

Just another 1.73              Top
That's the proposed cost per week to
anyone who retails food for the running of the new food standards agency.
And yes the main man is right it's less than the price of a Big Mac, just another one you won't taste on top of all your other tax.
There will always be problems with food until teaching of how to cook and keep food returns to our schools.
Will this agency be any different when a problem arises, or will they just try to sweep it under the carpet and deny all knowledge of what is happening?