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Taking the Rise                              Top
You will be pleased to hear that MPs have another pay rise due taking their salaries to 47k plus expenses in excess of 49k per year.
They now only have to attend the Commons four days a week and important debates on subjects such as genetic foods can only raise the interest/attendance of a few.
You have to ask the question, just what do some of them do?

No Choice                         Top
Milton Keynes is having a referendum
on the level of council tax.
The options are,

15% increase= extra teachers and care places for the elderly.

10% increase= more teachers but a cut in places for the elderly.

5% increase= cuts in spending.

As Milton Keynes has a high rate of council tax anyway the only thing for certain is that you will pay more even it is for less.

Going Private                             Top
PFI is now all the rage. For handing over the old Hospital to developers a newer usually smaller building is built. This is then rented back to the health trust with a 25 year lease. The one in Norwich will cost the trust 22 million a year to rent.
The reason for the Private Funding Initiative is to reduce the public expenditure so that the Government can meet the spending criteria for the EU. (that old chestnut again)
But the problems will start in 25 years time when these hospitals are no longer publicly owned, if the NHS doesn't like the rent where can it go?