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Yet another Stealth tax coming soon.
You would think the government would not want to upset yet another section of the community. It seems not as they continue to pursue with vigour the introduction of the Dog Tax.
At a suggested 45 it will raise a serious amount of money and you know that once they have your details they will never let go.

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The Independent farce of an inquiry into the Lawrence affair is over. Sir William Macpherson can return to his castle and remain untouched by any of the problems mentioned in his report.
After branding the police with institutional racism (which must also mean that any black Copper is racist to whites) he has managed to set back race relations by at least ten years.
Tax payers have paid for this nonsense and still the killer/s roam free.

It's a Crime!

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That's what the Bramley's should have done.

After endless pleas from social services, police, media and their family stating that the safe return of the children was their only concern and that they would not be in trouble it comes as no surprise that the CPS wants to press charges.
The children's natural parents could not have cared less until they went missing. The Bramley's obviously cared too much.