Shameful Politicians

Isn't it strange that politicians can keep popping up with totally different views to suit their career path.

They seem in the main to be 'excrescence's pursuing a personal reward.'

Tony BLAIR - his election manifesto when in opposition stated that he was opposed to Britain's membership of The EEC and that it would destroy jobs in Britain.

Robin COOK - stated in his party manifesto when in opposition that his
Government if elected would pursue an ethical Foreign Policy and ethical Arms Supply Policy - since taking office we have sold more 'iffy' arms to 'dodgey' regimes than any other Government, over the same period, in the last 20 years.

AND irresponsible comments of his Foreign Office led to the death of hapless tourists 'gorilla watching'.

Jack STRAW - Home Secretary! - led students in rioting against the police at the LSE.

This Government, without realistic debate in The House of Commons, has led our country, in violation of UN Article 41, into a punitive series of attacks on a Sovereign State.

Tony BLAIR, as leader of her majesty's loyal Government, has committed Britain to war against Serbia without a clear mandate, without a clear statement of strategy [we all know the tactics], without a clear aim, without any clear statement of 'the end game'.

Tony BLAIR was until recently a 'pacifist' and a member of CND.

Nicholas HARVEY - was elected as an MP on the clear statement that he was opposed to Britain being involved in The EU and was opposed to the Euro - he has now espoused joining the Euro and closer ties with The EU, just for his own political gain and in pursuit of his perceived importance.

This Government made great capital out of sleaze and financial probity - on the strength of this stance they were elected & already:

1.) A Secretary of State [male] has resigned when caught out sequentially giving oral sex to male strangers in a public place whilst wearing female clothing! Furthermore he then lied to the police! He is still an MP.
2.) A Cabinet Minister, Peter MANDELSON, arrange a dodgey mortgage on a house and a loan from a man his department was officially investigating. The house was valued at about 10 times his declared salary and the debts were undeclared.
3.) A Cabinet Minister, Margaret BECKET, spent more than her annual salary decorating her flat using tax payers money.
4.) The Chancellor, Gordon BROWN, was described by Tony BLAIR as "unfit for leadership, due to certain fundamental flaws of personality".
5.) Gordon BROWN has been found a fiancée! whose company has been paid £100,000 by Geoffrey ROBINSON for 'services rendered'.
6.) This ethical Government has unethically rigged a Devolution Referendum in Wales to ensure they could deliver Wales to The EU as agreed in the 'Amsterdam Treaty', which they signed without reading an official copy!
7.) This ethical Government has unethically committed many Millions of Pounds of tax payers money to conning the public into voting against their own interests in favour of joining the Euro.
8.) This ethical Government has unethically committed British tax payers money to a huge programme of propaganda in schools and the country at large to con the British public into believing that membership of The EU is good for Britain.
9.) This ethical Government, which campaigned, to get into office, against increasing taxes, has unethically raised the tax burden on Britain within less than 2 years more than any similar period in the last 20 years.
10.) This Government, which espoused greater involvement in The EU so as to take a leading roll has increased the payment of British tax payers to The EU by nearly  300,000,000 Pounds.
11.) This Government is negotiating the total destruction of our legal system, removal of 'Habeas Corpus', removal of 'Trial by Jury', eradication of 'Innocence Until Proven Guilty', etc. and the introduction of 'Corpus Juris'.
12.) This is the ethical Government which has negotiated with and acquiesced to the IRA terrorists - in order to fail to obtain any kind of peace.
13.) This ethical Government spent Millions of tax payers money to obtain a vote 'YES for peace', this was not what the vote was about and NEVER did the Government say that a vote 'NO' was for war, but they un ethically implied it.
14.) This ethical Government has NEVER told the British people that they intend to destroy Britain and turn it into 12 'Mickey Mouse' Assembly Regions' of the illegal European Super State.
15.) This ethical Government instructed its MEPs to do NOTHING about the corruption, fraud and nepotism of The EUs senior un elected Civil Servants.

The First Person to bring the issue successfully to the attention of the
British people was the German Finance Minister, Oscar Lafontayne.

This Government has even less ethics than the last Labour Government - you will recall the then Prime Minister James Callaghan advocated exports and working with Poll Pot !!! You will recall the then Chancellor of The Exchequer left Britain technically bankrupt after years of incompetence when the I.M.F. had taken over control of Britain's economy.

When will this Government ACT ethically, they swindled their way into Government
now they are pursuing their own personal interests.

                                        Greg-Lance Watkins

Two Jags Prescott is Senile

Prescott is an idiot if he thinks consistently raising taxes will make
people use cars less, most people will rather do without luxuries like
holidays/eating out etc, than giving up their freedom.

                                         Daniel James Rogers