"Wake up and smell the coffee"

As usual the heavy burden of taxation falls on the thrifty, the prudent, the responsible, those of 'fixed address', who patiently support society and the follies of the chattering classes yet we are being marginalized and ignored.

Is the Family unit the cornerstone of our society or is it an easy target for

Gordon Brown

raising taxes?
We are encouraged to believe that the married couple provide the most secure base in which to bring up the next generation yet the status of the married couple has been eroded and undermined by successive governments both economically and legally.  What encouragement are we giving people to establish a home and have a family these days?

If we are trying to provide a stable and secure home environment for our children, then why are we being penalised?  Why should we lose our tax allowances?  Families need homes, yet homeowners are being punished by the abolition of MIRAs and the relentless increases in council tax.

Surely we must look at how to improve matters without recourse to higher and higher taxation.  The way to ensure improvement is to limit the amount of money that the government may raise from any individual or family through taxation.  This will stop the incessant clamouring of the various parties to raise more money through taxation.  It will task the minds of both the politicians and civil servants to manage on a limited budget and it  will concentrate attention on priorities, efficiencies and management. 

Lobby your local Councillor and MP
If you are fed up with the politicians taking you for granted and milking your hard earned income, please write to your local councillor and your MP to express your feelings. 

First get the name of your local MP.  Visit http://www.locata.co.uk/commons/ and enter your postcode.  Write down the name of your local MP.

Then get the email address for your MP:  visit http:/www.upmystreet.co.uk/ and enter your postcode.  Scroll right to the bottom of the page.  There should be a box marked 'politics'.  Verify that the name of your local MP matches that found by locata.co.uk/commons.  Note down their e-mail address and send them an e-mail.  For an example of what to write visit http://www.migvie.freeserve.co.uk  (page 5).

I would be delighted to hear your comments on this issue.  Please e-mail me at andrea@silentmajority.co.uk 

If we do and say nothing by implication we are consenting to this pernicious system of raising taxes.

The taxman is taking half your income | "Wake up and smell the coffee"