We are the Silent Majority, that's you, me and us. Luckily there are billions of us. However there is a minority of seriously psychopathic people that run our lives. This Global Crime Syndicate have been busy for many years and
your life, family, and friends is of little concern. Backed up by their Nazi freak scientists they plan to destroy most of us. If you find yourself working for this Evil leave now or throw a seriously large spanner in the works. We are now under serious attack and it is becoming obvious to even those who would have never even dreamt it in their worst nightmares.

So what you going to do about it !!!
Learn all very fast, forget your differences black or white, smoker or non smoker etc etc etc get talking to people inform those in the police and military, as they are being used as have been many times before to protect this gang of crooked freaks in order to carry out their dirty work.

So lets get together and create a new economy based on creativity, care, peace and love for all !!!

Lets set ourselves free - once and for all.                                                             Also see our old site from 20 years ago

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Man Against the Machine - Their Poison Propaganda
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The Good

Our England
Our England
Anthony J Hilder

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Deborah Tavares
Deborah Tavares exposing
Angenda 21- Smart Grid -The New World Order

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         So Do You Feel Lucky !!!


According to the Georgia Guide stones their ideal global population is 500 million people on earth. Some of them want less. Now there is 6.5 billion of us at the moment. So how lucky are you feeling???

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The amazing thing is, is that even when they tell you their plans whether carved in stone or written in thousands of government documents we don't react. This must change unless you fancy being dead or nothing but a robotic slave.

So if you would like Humanity to survive and be better than you currently know then study all in the BAD. Talk to your friends and neighbours and maybe, just maybe we can avoid any more of the UGLY things they have planned and done.

P  proper
E  education
A  avoids
C  critical
E  errors

So get it together, lets make the changes, get creative and united as we should be.

If they have another war
don't turn up !
If they want to reduce the population.
Them first !


The Bad

The European Union. EU. Tower of Babble.

The Amero. Nafta
North American Union.

New World
New World Order
Masonic connections
and symbols.

The Global Warming,
Carbon trading

RFID chip ID cards
your future tracked
and controlled.

Chemtrails or

High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program






The Ugly

911. New York false flag  terror attack.

7/7 London
7/7 London false
flag terror attack.


Bohemian Grove
camp for leaders. Satanic worship of
the ruling elite.

Eugenics. The eternal obsession of the elite to be the master race.

Population reduction
/control. Poisoned vaccines, water, food and bio attacks



Do nothing - usual option

result = terminal

Study all at this site www.silentmajority.co.uk
and  visit links. Educate your
friends as to what's happening,
especially any police or
military personnel you know.

Contact your friends and get
them to join us here
Turn telly off go down the pub and talk.

result = a chance of getting out
of this mess


Make copies of this video below and store hoping that in the future someone finds
 it and can  understand who did this to us and sort them out.   

result = you may never know.