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Petition to the QUEEN

Whilst I have to accept that one must deal with the situation as it is - and public demonstrations (in front of Buckingham Palace?) may be the only option at present, may I add that I doubt if the Queen is LEGALLY bound to do as she is told ("advised") but it is a very strong "convention" because the PM can claim a "democratic mandate".  Even for treason apparently.
Heath did it, so why not Blair? Unless everyone becomes better informed WHY she cannot act and how this came about we seem doomed to go on fighting losing battles, with the system causing the cards to be stacked against us - and no hope of winning.

As some lofty individual once said " The dogs bark but the caravan moves on".  May I therefore ask you all to heed my warning (below) sent out at least a year ago, that we are our own executioners by leaving this problem unresolved.  See

Martin Cruttwell

There must be,  since party politicians are held in such contempt by the general public.

Firstly, some long-lasting malpractices  (to be explained) have become the norm.  Secondly, we are often told by politicians  that  Parliamentary Government, for all its faults, is the fulfillment of the English Constitution and aren't we lucky to be free -  to  have a vote?

Whilst this leaflet hopes to show that it is dangerous to accept established practice without question, we can safely agree(as Lord Hailsham states) that the role of parliament should be that of watchdog over the Government?
The notion that the House of Commons is made up of 650 MPs who individually reach carefully considered opinions and who act as a brake on the Executive is so far from the truth as to be ludicrous.  The Whips are in absolute command.  The Executive is in total control.  What the government says  goes.  Dr. David (now Lord) Owen MP. Mail on Sunday 3/6/90

A constitution being the rules stating the relationship between the governors and the governed,   OUR constitutional history (in many ancient Statutes** )  records a long struggle for power and various attempts to divide that power between the Monarch,
 the Lords and the Commons.
To excuse their  illegal conventions or practices modern politicians ignorantly or falsely claim our constitution is unwritten **  to avoid explaining  how  they themselves (by becoming the government) have evaded the sort of  Statute Law  which brought Monarchy under the Rule of Law. **

How has this happened?
Whilst retaining the outward  appearances of the historic English Constitution they subtly adopted  a form of  political democracy based on French Revolutionary ideology. By persuading  the people to vote for a party GOVERNMENT (with a programme of works) instead of a  free  independent PARLIAMENT (with a duty to protect liberty)  a government majority is automatically installed inside Parliament.  This majority creates the elective dictatorship and the   potential for tyranny (Lord Hailsham).
With the power of the Lords curtailed by the 1911 Act, and with the Prerogative of the Crown stolen (as we shall see) every  Cabinet, headed by the Prime Minister becomes Sovereign and the division of powers is almost destroyed.

but an  exposure of  the  dangerously fraudulent  democracy  which effects our daily lives and is an attempt to show you how to bring government back under proper democratic control of Parliament at all times.  A moments thought should confirm that the problem is elective dictatorship,  not voting by  PR or 1st-past-the-post!!

THE PARTY SYSTEM IS TO BLAME because only through the party do Parliament and Government become ONE BODY.  No more dangerous mechanism could be devised,  because the observer of  parliamentary activity  is deceived by appearances of  constitutional propriety.    It is this system which allows governments  to bribe MPs with Ministerial office, or threaten de-selection or dissolution of Parliament (and loss of seat) to ensure obedience!  These totalitarian  malpractices ( plus the  30-year secrecy rule) are inherited by successive party leaders who have  more illegal**power  ( to interfere with Parliament) than the monarch was ever allowed!!  All this is done in the name of you, the people. These corrupt practices they  brazenly  call democracy!!!
The Prime Minister replaced the sovereign as actual head of the Executive when the choice of Prime Minister no longer lay with the sovereign; the sovereign lost the choice when strongly organised, disciplined parties came into existence and party discipline depends primarily on the degree to which the member depends on the party for his seat  Sir Lewis Namier. Historian.  (1952).
Explanation: The Monarchs legal power to choose  Ministers rested on the consent of  a free Parliament . When control of Parliament passed to party managers the choice of Ministers automatically passed to them . Thereby the Monarchs loss of power to discipline Ministers in response to public petition under the Bill of Rights 1689 is our loss too.  The Queens 1953 Coronation Oath  to  govern according to the laws and customs of this Realm (and so protect us) is destroyed by the party convention that She
must obey the advice of  Her Ministers,  however treasonable  and damaging that advice. (e.g  Heath transfer of  our government  to Brussels in 1973 !)

 The unquestioning acceptance by  voter and party candidate alike of democracy as currently operated , makes us  our own executioners. The nations future is based not on individual liberty and long-term planning but on  some  group grabbing the reins of  power for its own purposes by bribing the electorate .  This is not Rule of Law as we  know it but lawless government !  While the voters are thus divided against each other through the party system this alternating dictatorship (see Chesterton) is leading
us all down a one-way street to ever-remoter government (New World Order) and a sense of  helplessness. By taxation we are forced to finance our own destruction,  for example, EU  Commission propaganda.

It is called voting for a Parliament and any voter can do it.  This leaflet is dedicated to telling you  why.    Vote ONLY  for an Independent candidate (or become that candidate yourself)- whom you know to be genuine- who declares publicly - in writing - for individual liberty  and choice.  When enough Independent MPs replace Party MPs, appointment of Ministers will automatically return to the Monarch.  The
division of  power  will accompany  this  re- separation of  government from  parliament . Clearly then the only wasted vote would be that given to ANY party which perpetuates the elective dictatorship.   You could be helping to create  a free parliament once again, which can stop bad government before it occurs,  instead of having to wait FIVE YEARS  to try to  repair the damage !

The Party System is the  perpetual revolution against the constitution. This shocking but obvious fact  ought to be a warning to all promoters of new parties   (see Edmund Burke quotes on website) AT THE NEXT ELECTION what will you really achieve  unless you use your vote to kick  the corrupt parties out of Parliament, by  simply voting INDEPENDENT.  Obviously  if the party candidate depends on the party for his ticket on the parliamentary gravy-train, then the party depends upon YOU to continue voting for their party game.  If you do you always run the risk that the others will win and you will be a victim.
The sooner YOU stop, the sooner their grubby little game is over and control of affairs will return to the people, where it really belongs.  Individual liberty is the real democracy,  not this collectivist sham  which  gives you a vote but takes away your power after you have voted.  The  tyranny is not potential (Lord Hailsham) - it is  here, NOW.
Our nation is being dismantled  very slowly,  so that you are not too alarmed.
--------message ends-----------

Which prompted me reply with:

Well that make two of us that agree that the loss of democracy is due to the public supporting party politics.

I wonder when the rest of you will wake up to reality.
It's no good fighting the EU and supporting the system that supports it, the system can be dismantled very easily, and quickly, by voting for independent MP's.

Or is getting rid of the EU at the next election too quick for you?

A system is only as strong as the system that holds it up.


--------message ends-----------

This was followed by:
===== Comments by (graham wood) at 10/09/00 16:42
No!  It makes three.  I have taken this position for years, namely that the Party whip system and the party system per se (our elected dictatorship) has nothing whatsoever to do with real Parliamentary democracy and must therefore be abandoned.  You are right - the system does indeed support both the EU and the farcical sister bureaucracy of the so called European Parliament.  Let's get shot of the current political parties as of yesterday!  The system has the continual stench of political opportunism, and is totally ineffective as a tool for getting rid of the EU.
   To illustrate.  I wrote to both Hague and my ('phile) MP Ann McIntosh (Vale of York) in strong protest at the proposal to ban or even vet political parties in member states.  I got the now notorious 'rubber wall' letter from Philps and McIntosh had the gall to dodge the issue by suggesting I write to my MEP.  In other words, THE TORY PARTY IS NOT INTERESTED IN THE THREAT FROM NICE TO OUR POLITICAL FREEDOMS AND IN PARTICULAR OUR DEARLY WON RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION AND SPEECH.
Graham Wood










Tooth and Nail

I like it.

Sure beats using sticks and clubs which is likely to be the
only other alternative.

But we need the press on side and we need to realise it is going to be fought tooth and nail by the hierarchy.











Democracy? When?

I see one of your objectives is to reinstate democracy, but when has there been democracy before? We have elective dictatorship.  Ok we're better off than dictatorships where no elections are held, but not much. 

At national level we get to vote once every 4 or 5 years, on a whole package of issues. (Incidentally by making a cross, the symbol of illiteracy, on a piece of paper.) We are treated like idiots by the politicians, the special interest groups and the media.

My beef is that I have no means to express my views on a whole range of issues.  No existing party expresses my views on more than a small minority of issues. 

In Switzerland, by contrast,  frequent referenda are held which contain questions on multiple issues.  The 'British
public' is now reasonably well-educated and will respond responsibly to a devolution of decision-making power into its hands.  (I do, though, fear the power of certain organs of the media to influence those decisions.) The technology is now available to achieve this without having to continue with the existing system of elective dictatorship.

There are also cultural issues which need to change.  In many parts of our society, you are expected to show 'loyalty' to your social group by always voting the same way.  This is itself anti-democratic. 

As a believer that we should at least try democracy, I pride myself on being a floating voter.

With much more participation, we could explore many more types of political structure.

John Tierney










Hi Bernard! 

Yes, various initiatives must unite to achieve success.

To find independent candidates is only one of our strategies, but perhaps the most important one.

So far, we have none, but our activities have just started, so we hope to find people for this purpose eventually.

The NDDIE´s web site is
The worldwide movement´s chief web site is:

We had a first conferece in 1998 and we are going to have a second in Athens, Greece, 21 - 25 June cur. Some of us want to formalize ourselves into an international NGO.

Besides, I also publish a Newsletter (quarterly). If you give me your postal address, I can send you a copy. You can, of course, contribute to it too.

With my best regards