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Boycott-The-Pumps "Dump The Pump"
Campaign News Thursday 25th October

Please support the campaign, I'm still talking to a wide variety of individuals and companies but as yet it's all down to yours truly to finance the campaign. Your help is so greatly appreciated and makes such a difference, you can either make a donation or purchase a supporters pack.

Please support the campaign, order your supporter pack by going to your help is so appreciated.

Alternatively you can make a donation by going to

It's now only a few weeks away from the deadline and what have we noticed? Is the taxation on fuel reducing? No, the Government have made fleeting comments on its meetings with representatives of the Hauliers and Farming industries but nothing has changed.. From the mountains of e-mails I receive it's painfully obvious that you, like myself have had enough of all the pointless drivel we are forced to listen to when a member of the Government actually doe's step forward and comment. The Chancellor is digging in, the pathetic gestures of reducing road fund licence in rural postcodes is an insult. If this happens in order to deflect any further protests then we motorists will be totally sideswiped and left for dead.

We have many Hauliers and Farmers supporting our campaign and when I speak to them it is painfully clear that they want lower fuel costs across the board. It is the Government who will need to balance the effect on their leadership if they just do nothing and allow the protests to resume on the 14th November. Gordon Brown is aware of his options; he also has one eye on the leadership and realises how he handles the fuel taxation issue will be a severe test of his ability to be take control of the party. It would appear that the Labour party is betting on the people of this country to stand by them at the next general election even though the fuel taxation issue has caused them so much damage, it feels the only viable alternative in the Conservative party is really no threat to it's leadership.

What we are dealing with a Government that really cares very little for the people, a Government that spends it's time deflecting important issues and continues to drag us all screaming if necessary, along its own path with little, or no thought for the electorate. We must not allow the Government to get away with this; I am trying all I can to keep the fuel tax issue as high profile as possible. We all must stay unified and support the campaign, we will not just dissolve and go away quietly, before we know it Labour will be campaigning for our votes, just ask your self one question? Would you employ someone who afforded you the same degree of respect?

Garry Russell

Boycott Petrol @ BP Stay Away From Every BP Petrol Station INDEFINITELY

Legal Disclaimer : Boycott-The-Pumps wish to state clearly that we are acting as a public forum and stress that everyone who reads pages on this web-site realises that they are free to choose from where they purchase their fuel and on whatever days they wish to do so. The appearance of targeting individual companies reflects the opinions of supporters of the campaign received through interactive communications.

Boycott the Pumps

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