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Boycott-The-Pumps "Dump The Pump"
Campaign News Wednesday 1st November

Please support the campaign, I'm still talking to a wide variety of individuals and companies but as yet it's all down to yours truly to finance the campaign. Your help is so greatly appreciated and makes such a difference, you can either make a donation or purchase a supporters pack.

Please support the campaign, order your supporter pack by going to your help is so appreciated.

Alternatively you can make a donation by going to

Just 2 weeks to go before the 60-day deadline expires and already the press has started speculating on what might happen. Jack Straw last night risked triggering panic buying by urging people to stockpile fuel and food. Mr Straw insisted drivers should keep their tanks full and warned the NHS, Government and businesses to get in essential supplies.

I have always believed that secretly the Government would like to see further disruption and possible hardship if fuel distribution is once again effectively cut off. They need to maintain a hard line against protests but due to the overwhelming support from the motoring public realise it needs to turn the tide of public opinion against the fuel protesters.

Gordon Brown could come up with just enough to pacify the Hauliers and Farmers but it will most certainly be at the cost of the general motorists. My car runs on 98 octane super unleaded and a few days ago while returning to London from Brighton needed to fill up, I pulled into a Q8 service station just off the M23 and paid 99.9p per litre, that's about 4.50 a gallon! I really believe the 5 gallon will be with us sooner than you think!

I will keep you posted on developments as we approach the deadline, you might like to look at the following from the FTA & Other Unions who are demanding:

An Immediate minimum 15ppl cut in fuel duty, a reduction in Road Tax for light vehicles and cars based on environmental criteria and a system for making foreign HGV's contribute towards Britain's roads. Proposed actions by drivers, farmers and Haulage Company's are as follows should these demands not be met:

Blockades of M25 Junctions from 5am until 7pm for 5 Days
Blockades / Slow moving traffic on all motorways and major trunk roads (A1 A11 etc) for 5 Days
Blockades of Petrol distribution centres from 12am, 13 November for 5 Days with only emergency vehicle fuel being distributed.
Blockades of all major ports and airports for 5 Days

Garry Russell

Boycott Petrol @ BP Stay Away From Every BP Petrol Station INDEFINITELY

Legal Disclaimer : Boycott-The-Pumps wish to state clearly that we are acting as a public forum and stress that everyone who reads pages on this web-site realises that they are free to choose from where they purchase their fuel and on whatever days they wish to do so. The appearance of targeting individual companies reflects the opinions of supporters of the campaign received through interactive communications.

Boycott the Pumps

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