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Boycott-The-Pumps "Dump The Pump"
Campaign News Thursday 14th September

What a week, the support for the Hauliers and Farmers has been fantastic.
The highly charged undercurrent has been bubbling away for some time now and when news first broke of the blockades our inbox went into overdrive. The media has yet again watched and waited as the situation went from wide spread fuel depletion to the government propaganda machine playing the national health card. The scenes and spirit of the blockades brings back a sense of nationalistic pride, the support from locals surrounding the various blockade points has been tremendous.

As the government finds itself on the back foot it's only option has been to state how it will not be held to ransom, how it still, after insurmountable public feeling on the fuel tax issue refuses to back down and reduce fuel tax. Blair looks lost and shell-shocked, how on earth he feels he can recover from this god only knows. The fuel tax issue is something that will not be decided by blockades and reverts back into health and schools rhetoric. The general public will not buy it any more, he's seen what can be done and the Hauliers and Farmers have made it quite clear that they might have decided to go home, but in 60 days time will readdress the situation depending on what Gordon Brown comes up with in his Pre-Budget speech.

Boycott-The-Pumps, Dump The Pump started the fuel tax issue and I feel so strongly that we will finish it, why? Because never has the fuel taxation issue been more predominant as it is now, over the next few months we will see a comprehensive array of flash protests flaring up all over the country, direct action will continue, but Boycott-The-Pumps is committed to placing financial pressure on BP, our support is growing because more and more people realise that the best way to contribute to the fight for lower fuel prices in the UK is to boycott BP. Each and every one of us can do this; our support has now exceeded 3.5 million motorists. BP also had 35% of fuel stocks left when others had run dry; they also have not increased their prices. These past few days has seen a frenzy of activity as more and more people realise that it's so easy to be a part of our campaign.

So take pride in the actions of these past 10 days, yes we are
inconvenienced; yes we will witness more propaganda from the government as it concentrates on showing us scenes of irate people and tries to win back some ground by portraying the actions as selfish, ill advised and concentrating on the negative scenes. The Dump The Pump campaign had been ignored by the government, but not the motorist. Over this past week I have had countless TV and Radio appearances as well as talking to over 50 million Americans this afternoon on a live 20 minute programme, on each occasion getting our boycott BP message across loud and clear.

Boycott Petrol @ BP Stay Away From Every BP Petrol Station INDEFINITELY

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Legal Disclaimer : Boycott-The-Pumps wish to state clearly that we are
acting as a public forum and stress that everyone who reads pages on this web-site realises that they are free to choose from where they purchase their fuel and on whatever days they wish to do so. The appearance of targeting individual companies reflects the opinions of supporters of the campaign received through interactive communications.

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