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Boycott-The-Pumps "Dump The Pump"

Press Release 13th August 00


Stage 2 of Boycott-The-Pumps "Dump The Pump" begins on Monday August 14th

AND EVERY DAY THEREAFTER with the boycott targeting all BP petrol stations in the UK. Support for a single supplier boycott has been gaining momentum for some weeks, BP being the overwhelming target forcing them into taking the issue of fuel duty up with the chancellorís office. The media generally heralded August 1st "Dump The Pump" day as a failure, but it was far from a failure, millions of motorists up and down the country joined the protest against high fuel taxation and now the attention is being aimed at BP.

The way in which the media perceived public opinion towards participating in petrol station boycotts has been grossly underestimated. A powerful consumer campaign has been created and in targeting BP petrol stations, the British motorist will become the ammunition in the battle to drive fuel taxation down. The media became so interested in the way in which public opinion was stirred up but decided to drop the cause of millions of motorists who wanted to become instrumental in driving down fuel prices.

So as from Monday August 14th Boycott-The-Pumps "Dump the Pump" will facilitate the motorist of the UK by giving them the chance to do something, which will have much more cause and effect than only boycotting all petrol stations on each and every Monday. The response to the single company boycott has been incredible and already BP will be deflecting the effectiveness of the campaign as it begins on Monday and builds momentum. The question of why boycott BP is brought up nearly as frequently as pointing out that the campaign will be hitting the BP petrol retailer, rather than the government.

The BP franchise retailer should have the support of his business partner who after all makes some £3,400 each second (Source Daily Mail). Once turnover starts to noticeably reduce we feel BP will open a channel of communication and interaction we, the general public would have no hope of achieving. The chancellor looks down on the motorist and sees us as a never-ending source of revenue. The large oil companies just throw their hands in the air and claim they can do nothing, an awful lot of people feel otherwise and those people will show their disgust at being forced to buy a commodity at totally unfair prices.

Interestingly Boycott-The-Pumps "Dump The Pump" seems to be attracting sponsors to enable the campaign to gather momentum without needing the media to assist and drop us, as and when it feels. A full programme of events designed at assisting the motorist to become instrumental in driving down the price we are forced to pay for our fuel will be implemented and we feel confident that BP will actually assist its customers rather than see us as a group of ill-advised motorists clutching at straws.

Garry Russell

Campaign Organiser Boycott-The-Pumps "Dump The Pump"

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