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Campaign News Thursday 11th October

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So, we hear that the Government is looking at cutting car tax for motorists in rural areas in a bid to prevent the widespread petrol pump protests seen last month. Chancellor Gordon Brown is strongly opposed to a 2p cut in petrol duties, a move that would cost 1billion in lost taxes, but he has recently been in talks with hauliers, farmers and the elderly and is thought to be looking at a 110 cut in car tax. The move would see annual tax for a car over 1200cc fall from 155 to just 45. Any announcement will be made at the end of this month when the country's pre-budget report is unveiled

What a disgrace, Gordon Brown is opposed to a 2p cut in petrol duties! I think most of you will agree that 2p is worse than an insult and I remind you of what I once heard a street entertainer in Covent Garden tell a large crowd who were about to disperse after watching his performance. "Place your hand in your pockets and take out some money then ask yourself, can I do much with this because if the answer is no, then I sure as hell can't" I suggest Gordon Brown does the same.

Have you ever wondered about our North Sea Oil reserves, well read on as a thought to the question of how best to raise revenue to prop up the government coffers without continually attacking us motorists.

Most EU countries are a significant net importer of oil, the UK is a significant net exporter of oil, further more the UK is not in OPEC and UK oil reserves will be exhausted before the Middle East (current estimates are that North Sea oil will last for about another 15 years) It is therefore in our national interests that the international oil prices be as high as possible. For our government to place pressure on OPEC to reduce oil prices is not merely the best response to lowering fuel prices but more akin to economic illiteracy. On oil mined in the UK the Treasury receives mining taxes, which rise as the oil prices rise. However, these taxes do not rise by enough to allow price-stabilising fuel duty to keep the petroleum tax take always the same. Instead higher revenues from fuel duty in low-price years would be used to offset lower revenues in high price years.

So fuel tax should be no higher than say 55% of the pump price, effectively giving us motorists a much fairer deal, our natural assets should be utilised for not only giving the oil companies record profits and the Chancellors office windfall revenues, but affording us all cheaper petrol. We are the Arabs.

Garry Russell

Boycott Petrol @ BP Stay Away From Every BP Petrol Station INDEFINITELY

Legal Disclaimer : Boycott-The-Pumps wish to state clearly that we are acting as a public forum and stress that everyone who reads pages on this web-site realises that they are free to choose from where they purchase their fuel and on whatever days they wish to do so. The appearance of targeting individual companies reflects the opinions of supporters of the campaign received through interactive communications.

Boycott the Pumps

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