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Petition and Notes
    Mass Petition to The Queen over Nice Treaty
Press Release
28th May 2001
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H.M. the Queen - Personal Letter to
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Petition Delivery Press Release       

Petition to be Presented on
 the 23rd of March 2001

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Magna Carta Invoked For First Time in 300 Years
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Ashley Mote, Malcolm Wood, Lord Ashbourne (Signing) and Greg Lance-Watkins
    Peers Called to Meeting

A people’s petition asking Her Majesty The Queen to withhold the Royal Assent from the Nice Treaty will be presented to 25 Peers of the Realm meeting at the Palace of Westminster on Wednesday 7 February.

The signatories will be exercising their ancient rights under Magna Carta to petition the monarch via the House of Peers. These rights have not been used for over 300 years.

Clause 61 permits the sovereign’s subjects to present a quorum of 25 Barons with a petition which four of their number are then obliged to take to The Monarch, who is equally obliged to accept it. The Monarch then has forty days to respond.

The petition has been organised by SANITY (Subjects Against the NIce TreatY), following a successful campaign over recent months, which has resulted in many thousands of postcards being sent to Buckingham Palace urging Her Majesty not to grant the Royal Assent.

Leading figures from many EUroRealist organisations have been asked to sign the petition itself, and to help organise thousands of letters and messages of support via letter and ‘e’mail.

The full text of the petition, and background notes, have been posted on the internet at

Letters in support of the petition can be mailed to the organisers:
SANITY, at PO Box 97, Petersfield, Hampshire, GU32 1YE,


‘e’mailed to:

Winston Churchill was confident of the safeguards contained in Magna Carta. Writing in his History of The English-Speaking Peoples, he said:

"…and when in subsequent ages the state, swollen with its own authority, has attempted to ride roughshod over the rights and liberties of the subject it is to this doctrine that appeal has again and again been made, and never, as yet, without success."

Notes to Editors:

 Background information can be found in his pamphlet Defence of the Realm, published in 2000, and now posted on web-site:

The media are invited

to attend this historic event.


It will be held at 12.00 noon on Wednesday 7 February, in the Jubilee Room at the Palace of Westminster. The room has been booked, and the meeting sponsored by Christopher Gill, MP for Ludlow. Access will be via St Stephen’s Entrance. The meeting will last less than one hour. (Cameras are allowed in the Jubilee Room.)

FULL DETAILS can be found
from midnight on Sunday January 21st.

January 22nd. being the anniversary of the signing of the accession to:

The Treaty of Rome in 1972