Real Democracy and the Silent Majority

All the majority lacks to regain its voice is a proper media.  We're not apathetic: just impotent.  We don't waste our time voting for their guy or the other guy because we're never offered an option of OUR guy!  Why should they?  That wouldn't maintain their status quo.  You know, the situation which keeps all those with the "power to change" in power and money.  Those who can won't.  It'd be financial suicide.

All the solutions for all mankind's problems exist today.  It's a shame they're not applicable to human beings.  "I have seen the problem and it is us."  Human nature is why there's never been a real democracy on earth.  Democracy is "a form of government in which its people have the power over their government."  I recently noticed that they've added "or through their elected representatives."   Power corrupts and absolute power absolutely corrupts, to distort a quote. 

Bureaucrats and politicians are really no different from US.  That's their problem and our's, too. They want more money, power, influence, status, rank, recognition, praise, etc.  all with less work.  They're not solution motivated.  Nowhere in the laws which create these agencies are they required to solve any or OUR problems. 

WE can't do anything about it because it's the party system.  And We weren't invited to the party.  Politics is a symptom problem in government.  Things are done for the wrong reasons because of politics.  Politics is a symptom of a deeper root cause: competition.  We compete with each other and become cheap imitations of what we perceive our opponents to be: instead of competing with our own records of acheivement to become unique expressions of our particular talents, interests and penchants. 

All the institutions are built on the wrong foundations: greed, dominance, self-agrandizment.   Government protects us from any potential solutions to our problems with billion dollar fortifications.  Those who could help us change our world to make it better ( for us ) wouldn't consider such a thing.  They've got it just like they like it. 

I suggest a nine hundred number call-in, one minute commercial campaign.  Offer the voters something they really can sink their teeth into like replacing income tax with a national sales tax.  They register their votes by calling a yes or no number for a dollar per call.  After the weekly tally is taken and the check from the phone company is collected, take it to the legislature and before all the media's cameras show everyone the numbers and tell them, "Here's the carrot, a check from the phone company for a gazillion dollars (pounds, whatever), more votes than all of you combined have ever had and you know it.  Enact our mandated legislation and you get the check to waste as usual or perhaps actually do something beneficial for the country.  Don't vote for it and we'll just emblazen your names across next week's commercials to let everyone know who to vote against!  THATS THE STICK!"

Something like that...  call it the democracy project....  you can be the father of modern democracy....   I don't claim patent to any of this... pretend it's your idea.... i just want to see real democracy somewhere on earth before i die......get the point? 

Everyone must know that everyone knows that the king is indeed naked.  No room for doubt.  They'll have to comply with the will of the majority if we somehow learn to express it.  With another referendum each week.....  well, I think everyone would be willing to pay fifty two dollars or pounds per year for "REAL DEMOCRACY."  

No change will result from within existing systems quick enough to save us.  We must attack these systems from outside, from our living room,  from our armchairs via tv & telephone. That's electronic revolution.  clean, bloodless, painless


Alan D. Smith
Proponent for Real Democracy for US!